When You Hire a Musician

I believe that God given gifts could simply not be underrated. Thus, a talent is not like an item that one can easily haggle. It holds true for some musicians who has been exploited.

Yes folks!

It’s a sad fact that indeed, there are some musicians who allow themselves to be exploited just for the sake of exposure.

So what does actually one pays for when they hire musicians?

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So don’t hesitate to pay what you ought to pay because certainly, you’ll get more than actually what you’re paying for!

Priced Possession for Kuerdas Band

You must have known by now that my brothers are real suckers for anything about musical instruments. They used to scout for some real good quality gibson les paul junior but it seems like they need to save up some more dime to acquire such priced possession.

Being into a band is no mean feat. The male vocals used to do bass but later on gave it up for the microphone. If he did not, till now, he would be thinking of purchasing a really good bass guitar.

The Kuerdas Male Vocals who once was the bassist

My other brother who’s the Band Major at the same time the rhythm guitarist is the one who’s a big purchaser of these great items for the band.

Cool Kuerdas FB Profile Photo

I find Kuerdas Band’s recent FB profile photo way too cool! And why not? They bear that shameless, serious look infront of the camera.

Do take a look:

Kuerdas Band

Best Musical Instruments for Beginners

Just as humans need food to survive, the soul needs music to flourish. Music is perhaps one of the most fantastic thing ever conceptualized by man. There’s something very magical about music that just by merely listening to them can control one’s mood and emotions.

That is why learning to play musical instruments is really a worthwhile thing to consider. And to formally start venturing into the musical world, the first thing to do is to get your own musical device. Take note however, that musical instruments can cost you a little fortune because they are intricately made in tedious processes. For people who are on tight budget, there are online shops which you can use to get your desired musical instrument of level quality and performance.

Learning music is always fun. But for people who have no complete background in this field, this can be a test of patience and determination. But every success starts with challenging beginnings. Nevertheless, you can ease up the challenge by trying these easy musical instruments first.

Nothing beats this all-time favorite when it comes to practicality. Trying your hands on the six strings of this instrument is a fun way to start cultivating your appreciation for music. Once you can play the guitar already, your interest for other instruments will surely follow.

This instrument can be played by kids as young as 6 years old. One of the most versatile music, piano creates sounds that are perfect for any event or place—be it for the church, home, and school. Enroll your child to piano lessons and he/she might just be the next Mozart.

The most popular wind instrument, the flute is loved by many because of its portability. Just familiarizing yourself as to the combinations of whole you should poke, and the right amount of air yous should blow, and you are good to go as a player of one of the most peaceful sounding instrument in the world of music.

Kuerdas Band at the Kalimudan Festival

It is not only within SOCSARGEN that Kuerdas Band performs for their audience. A week ago, they were invited out to perform at Sultan Kudarat’s Kalimudan Festival. The Band sure had a blast! Even before the gig began, they had a whole lot of time taking snaps of themselves and the place itself. What a way to do some photoshoots! 😉

Isulan, Sultan Kudarat
The Kuerdas vocalist
Kuerdas Band
The vocalist on bass
The Kuerdas Drummer
Kuerdas Band with their audience

I can tell by just looking at their photos, they had a great time. I wish you’ll have more out-of-town bookings soon!

Cool or Uncool?

I wonder what would Kuerdas Band members look like if they sport christmas scrubs in one of their gigs come holiday season. I am sure any get up would fit them right. Some of their followers may find the costume unfit but most may find it cool :-)

Oh well! Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, I am sure Christmas bookings and gigs are just around the corner. Goodluck to you guys! :-)

Kuerdas Band at Bodega Restobar and Music Lounge Every Wednesday Night

Kuerdas Band is set to rock your Wednesday nights at the re-opened Bodega Restobar and Music Lounge. Mind you, Bodega Restobar opened with a bang when it launched with its second floor looking like one of its kind here in General Santos City.

A glimpse of the newly renovated Bodega Restobar

Be there every Wednesday nights and dance to the beat of reggae music. Kuerdas Band will liven up the night with its cool, upbeat reggae music.

Photo grabbed

Bodega Restobar and Music Lounge is located along San Miguel Street, fronting SM mall of Gensan.

See yah all, folks!

For Indoor and Outdoor Fun

You must have known by now that our family loves to have some outdoor fun. Our fave destination is the beach. My younger brother makes it sure that he brings along with him his best purchase last year, his tent. It comes very important for him especially when we travel out of town to have some vacation.

As for myself, I have yet to buy what I really wanted to spend my money on for this year. I want to make a purchase of electric grill from electricfireplacesdirect.com very soon. It sure will come very handy may it be indoor or outdoor fun for our family.

Happy Halloween!

The Kuerdas Band was once invited out to perform at a Halloween Party. I was there and I was able to witness how creepy were the costumes worn by the participants. Ewwww!

Sexy witch!
The Halloween Party attendees with my two brothers

It was one hell of a scary, scary party but guests were able to enjoy the Kuerdas’ kind of music :-)