Twinkle, Twinkle Loose Diamonds

It was a lovely evening for a walk so a friend and I took that chance and made a few laps around our neighborhood last night. We could tell from the breeze that Christmas is indeed just around the corner. Some of the houses we passed by had already put up Christmas trees and had adorned their lawns with holiday decors, but what my friend and I really appreciated seeing were the gazillion twinkling stars scattered across the dark velvety sky over us. It reminded us of the famous nursery rhyme, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” True indeed, those stars look like loose diamonds sparkling and dazzling against a black silk pouch of sky. My friend and I imagined what if stars are celestial diamonds for a fact, and one day, the sky fell. Oh my, we could just picture the countless girls (not excepting us) who would go ga-ga picking up those stars/diamonds from the ground and making fine jewelries out of those. Bling!

Well, lucky for all humanity that what my friend and I thought about the stars and sky falling were just figment of our imaginations (or boredom maybe), but it kind of made us curious about diamonds, which then had us searching up the Internet for answers. We came across Whiteflash loose diamonds, and the good news is that we can actually buy loose diamonds from them online!

Well, not that we already have the funds to buy loose diamonds now, but you know, just saying, in the near future maybe. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so having one clipped on your ears or wrapped around your finger is not a bad thing, right?

So anyway, we gathered some more information and tips about diamonds, and basically, these are the guidelines one has to keep in mind when buying loose diamonds:

  • CERTIFICATION. Since diamonds are rare and expensive gems, it just makes sense that when buying loose diamonds online or from any jeweler for that matter, we have to make sure that they come with a diamond certificate from a trusted gemologist.

  • CLARITY, CARAT and COLOR. These big Cs are nothing to be afraid of when choosing to buy loose diamonds. Cut is the most essential trait of a diamond as it gives the diamond it’s sparkle. Clarity determines the imperfections found on a diamond. Carat measures a diamond’s weight. Color pertains to a diamond’s whiteness or lack of color.

  • SHAPE. There are various diamond shapes to choose from and these include round, princess, emerald, oval and heart. Personally, I think this is mainly a matter of preference, although the shape definitely contributes to a diamond’s beauty.
  • COST. Of course, one cannot overlook the cost when buying loose diamonds. It is important that we buy what fits into our budget, so we should also look for deals, sales and discounts when purchasing diamonds.

    My friend and I were glad to know more about diamonds. We felt like we were literally “enlightened” upon by those Whiteflash loose diamonds we saw. We are definitely putting that in our to-do list and made it a pact between us that one day, we’re buying ourselves one.

  • What Is A Wakeboard Storage For?

    My younger brother is the lead vocals with his music Band, Kuerdas and he has always been a big sports enthusiast. He is unbelievably such a sucker for all kinds of sports such as skim boarding, paragliding, basketball, and lots more.

    Getting ready for the fly of his life
    All set for paragliding! ;-)
    Take off!
    Now I am nervous!
    Geez! Now it’s all clouds!
    Up, up and away!
    I need to go down and puke! Pleaseeee!
    Success! The little guy with the pilot 😉

    Somehow, it is quite hard to believe that he is such because of his diminutive size and being thin, all of which goes against what one would expect of a sports enthusiast. Besides, I am so used to seeing him only when he sings on stage for Kuerdas gigs. :-)

    Perhaps one of the explanations for wakeboarding and snowboarding that he would so love to do but has not had the opportunity of doing is obviously due to our tropical climate here. Our climate here does not offer him to engage in that kind of sports. If he is given the chance, I know he would not allow that opportunity to pass without indulging in those types of action sports.

    For those who might not be aware what wakeboarding is, it is a water sport and it is like skiing on water but the person uses a board to skim over water while being pulled by a powerful speed boat. Snowboarding is over snow instead of water.

    Photo grabbed

    My brother finds both these sports very interesting because it is another challenging way though different from skim boarding. He owns a skim board. He saved every dime from his regular gigs to be able to purchase one. But for now, I believe his ultimate wish is to own a wakeboard and for sure, he is going to need a wakeboard storage for that.

    Wakeboard storage rack: Photo grabbed

    For those who are already into wakeboarding and snowboarding, ultimately they need larger space to store their equipment and gears. In my brother’s case, the storage room will be an alternative solution but he needs to clean it up and dispose of unneeded items to make room for his sports equipment.

    However, knowing my brother, I am sure he’d find a way to create space for a dedicated wakeboard rack. These wakeboard racks are just fantastic. It will make room for all the equipment to be stored and maintained for prolonged use. As early as now, I am sure my brother already found his way for the best solution to protect his sports equipment and gears and for easy access whenever he needs one for his indulgence in outdoor fun and excitement.

    What You Must Know About Loose Diamonds

    Oh! Those sparklers.

    It reminds me when I was a very young girl and the first day I laid my eyes on those shimmering precious stones that my friend kept in a box with all her toys. She had many of these attractive stones that looked so much alike loose diamonds from whiteflash diamonds. They were of varying sizes and they reflected light on its many surfaces.

    Photo grabbed

    I was too small to know that these precious stones that sparkled when light shone on them are called diamonds. My

    Photo grabbed
    friend even dressed up her dolls with these shiny stones.

    It is only years later that I learned about the real ones, how much it costs to buy one and that it is one of the most sought after precious stones particularly by women.

    My mom has one gold ring with a few small diamonds inlaid on it and it was her Wedding Ring when she got married. She treasures it because it symbolizes her marriage and it is a gift from my Dad to her on their Wedding Day.

    A diamond can withstand the test of time. However, if one is planning out to buy loose diamonds, he or she should be armed with the relevant information about it. It is good that one can understand the beauty of the diamond when they see it. It is because only the human eyes has that unique capability of analyzing the diamond’s rare quality and beauty.

    It is also very vital to have these diamonds certified. It will give the buyer the needed peace of mind. There will be no doubt as to its accurate color, clarity and cut grading along with the precise measurements and weights. Certainly, an experts say on the authenticity of the diamond matters a great deal.

    A reputable diamond store’s experience is of great importance as well. We could not discount the fact that when a lot of its clients were happy of the purchases made, they would be coming back for more. A buyer can feel confident and guaranteed of the diamond purchase if the very best in the business are personally watching over the choices made to make sure that one is fully well-informed, educated and protected throughout the buying process of the diamond.

    A diamond is a precious investment. Keeping all these relevant information in mind about diamonds will protect one from being ripped off of their hard-earned money.

    Kuerdas Front Acts For Kamikaze Concert

    Kuerdas Band finds it a huge honor to be able to go front act for popular bands and musicians. It inspires them more to hone their crafts to be able to keep up with the admirable talents and famed artists.

    The Kamikaze concert poster

    On September 5, 2012, in celebration of the F’lomolok Festival, Kuerdas Band traveled almost an hour to a neighboring town, Polomolok. They were scheduled to front act for Kamikaze. It was such a rare occasion and Kuerdas just can’t let it pass. They performed their hearts out on stage. It was a great experience for all the Kuerdas Band members.

    Fender for a Guitar

    Being into a band requires not only the God-given talent. Somehow, band the members aspire to have their own musical instruments too. Just like my brothers. I have often heard them, not once, not twice, about their wish of owning fender acoustic guitars.

    Why not? I have heard the brand is of good quality and famous musicians do own one.

    My brother loves to eye some really good items in the auction sale. Wise thinking bro! 😉

    Kuerdas Band at Glan’s 98th Foundation Anniversary

    Kuerdas Band is often invited to beach parties at Glan, Sarangani Province. The town is home to white sand beaches in Gumasa.

    This time around however, Kuerdas was asked out to perform at a non- beach setting in celebration of Glan’s 98th Foundation Anniversary.

    Kuerdas Band

    I am sure it’s gonna be another fun, reggae night with the Kuerdas Band.

    SM City Gensan’s Dancing Fountain

    The newly-opened SM City Gensan boasts one of the best mall’s features- the dancing fountain.

    SM City Gensan’s Dancing Fountain

    They must have gotten it at the best selection of water fountains in the country. The mall is by far the largest amongst the SM City Malls in the entire Mindanao.

    The dancing fountain simply glows at night and you can see little children playing around making it so fun to be in Gensan :-)

    The 9th Maharlika Sunrise Festival

    The Muna to Festival of Alabel, the capital town of Sarangani Province, is once again fast approaching.

    Photo Grabbed

    In commemoration of a festive celebration, the province is upstaging the 9th Maharlika Sunrise Festival where Gensan’s pride, Kuerdas Band, is being introduced as one of its artists.

    Photo Grabbed

    The Kuerdas Band is elated and proud to have been chosen as one of the featured artists for the festival.

    To the organizers, thank you for recognizing Kuerdas Bands’ potentials and its contributions to the local music industry.

    Better Be Extra Careful Than Sorry

    If you may have noticed, I so love silver. Most of my accessories are made out of quality silver. I am currently contemplating of buying silver online. I found out that I can save a good deal of cash by doing so. Apart from it, the quality of the material is guaranteed.

    Oh well! With a lot of counterfeit items for sale today, you can’t blame me if I get too meticulous with my purchase. Better be extra careful than feel sorry.

    Party at the Bay

    One of the fave non-regular gigs of Kuerdas is by the beach. The ambiance just perfectly fits their kind of music which is reggae.

    On September 30, they were invited out to perform at London Beach Resort for the Party at the Beach. A number of bands from the City were invited out to perform as well- Krystina Lousise Band, Las Kuridas and Scarecrow.

    Party at the Bay Banner