A House Burnt Down to Pieces, All Family Members Found Dead

It was a dreadful day some months back to have heard of of the news that a house burnt down to pieces. All the entire members of the family were found to be dead after the incident except for the head of the family who was working overseas. They must have not owned a firehose at RawhideFirehose.com. If they did, the dreadful incident could have been avoided.

The family members were heard to have sought the help of neighbors but unfortunately, their house was fully locked up including the main gate. It was a pity to have known this. The neighbors could not find any means to help them out because there was no other point of entry in the house apart from the main gate.

With this incident, everyone must know the importance of having exits points in the house in case of fire.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Undeniably, The First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow is one of my personal faves.

But this time, I wanna share with you all the rendition of the former female lead vocals of Kuerdas, no less than my cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder

It has been quite a while since I last saw her perform on stage live. It’s so refreshing to once again see her hold that guitar and sing.

Think Dimensionally

My family lives in a modest sized house. It does not have lots of floor space that would certainly solve managing all our house items for a family of four adults.

I have read from Interior Design magazines how one can still overcome small floor spaces provided one is able to buy uniquely designed furniture items.

Another idea challenged the house owner to think dimensionally when challenged with a shrinking floor space. This idea offered flexible wall mount to create additional space at home.

Kuerdas On Strike!

Seeing by the look on the faces of the Kuerdas Band members (except for one who was showing off his cute smile for the cam), they mean serious business.

What are they up to this time?

I’ve heard they went on strike to fight for love and peace. They also were fighting for their rights and their freedom.

Enough is enough!

Even In Music, Murphy’s Law Applies

The Band boys ran into difficulties during their recent show at one of our best Hotels in town. While rendering one of their popular songs, their electronic organ broke down. It is an old one that my brother bought several years ago and it was its time to go.

This time around they are not keen on buying a used one and they intend to get a contemprary piano.

I know what it means to them and music is their livelihood. It is because of that I extended to help them in part towards the purchase of the item.

Funny Photo

I have been laughing my heart out seeing a photo of the Kuerdas main vocals. He loves to publish at his FB account funny photos of him. It could be that he wants to cheer up people or most probably he just loves to make fun of himself, hahaha!

You gotta see it to believe it!


Children Love To Play Ball

Fortunate or otherwise, I come from a large family background. That includes my closest relatives too.

So you can imagine how it is like with every passing year and every occasion when someone in the family or relative has a reason for celebration, be it the Birthday or an achievement at School or a new born or an Engagement/Marriage.

It is more difficult when it comes to buying gifts for children. There are so many choices when it deals with Toys and Sport items. Fortunately over here, every child will be elated when they know that the choice has been shortlisted to basketball gift ideas

Pretty Busy Week For Kuerdas

Tuna Festival for this year has finally opened three days ago. Prior to the opening night, Kuerdas had already received quite a number of private and public bookings.

It has been rather hectic for them the past few weeks.

For those who’d like to have some reggae fun night with Kuerdas, please take note of the following gig schedules:

September 5:
6pm= Back to back with kamikaze at the Opening of F’lomolok Festival at Polomolok, So. Cotabato

September 6:

September 7:
SMB Party Zone, Oval Plaza,8pm

September 8:
*Robinsons Place Gensan,9pm
*Pahayahay Resto Bar,12mn

September 9:
*SM CITY Gensan,7pm
*COKE ZONE,Oval Plaza,10pm

See ya all, folks!

The Pride In Making Home

Ever since we purchased our new home, we have spent all our time, decorating and redecorating the interior. Happily we have made lots of excellent choices with the furniture and household appliances and it makes our house truly a Home Sweet Home.

However, when my spouse and I head back for home each day after work, we find that something is missing the moment we reach the front gate. We realize that we have focused entirely on the inside of our home and hardly improved the area outside.

During dinner one day, as if by sheer coincidence, both my spouse and I started to discuss about http://www.thegardengates.com/Hanging-Baskets-cp1043.aspx”>outdoor hanging plants where our car is parked.

Now, that has set us going and we intend to beautify the house front with lovely leafy plants.