Kuerdas Is No Fugitive!

Don’t get me wrong, folks! Kuerdas Band members have not involved themselves in any crimes. I am actually speaking about Asolo Fugitive. It is a hiking boots for men which I think will be perfect for the Kuerdas Band members whenever they feel inclined to go hiking, just like me. Hahaha!

I have been telling the Kuerdas Band major that it is high time for him to look after his health. He is asthmatic like me but he has not really given his health a top priority. A thirty minute walk at the park every morning would be perfect for his health. I have done it by my lonesome and I felt I am in my healthiest form. I haven’t been consistent though but if ever there’s one thing I can recommend to anyone, it’s going to be hiking :-)

The Youngest Jammer at the Kuerdas Gig

It has been ages since I last saw Kuerdas Band perform on stage. I led a pretty laid back life when I was out of blogging.

I had the opportunity to see them perform on stage once again last Saturday at the SM City Gensan’s Al Fresco Strip. It was only a coincidence when I did my grocery shopping at the time. So I took the chance to pass by the Al Fresco Strip and watched them for a while.

It wasn’t too crowded because of the heavy downpour. However, the crowd felt ecstatic when one audience was encouraged by his friends to render some reggae songs.

The youngest jammer on stage

It’s not everytime when I see an audience from the crowd who gets hold of the microphone and connects with the audience. I believe the lad was about 13 to 14 years old but he got that style and yes, he got the voice too! I can say he will go a long way.

His supportive parents hugged him when he came down on stage. Whoever you are, keep honing your passion for music and one day, we will see you on stage again!

Kuerdas on Safeguarding Files and Docs

Kuerdas Band have been posting a lot of their photos online, especially at their Facebook page. In every show, they make sure that it is always documented, thus the need to bring a camera and click away the shot button. With the overflowing number of files in their personal computer, I wouldn’t be surprised if they need an on line data storage for back up.

And why not? These will safeguard all their files and will make it more organized and protected.

Well, it is high time that they purchase one soon. It’s gonna be one of their best buys!

An Album Cover???


Kuerdas updated their photo cover in Facebook. And that was it. I find it so cool yet funny! LOL! Makes you wonder what these guys are doing with their backs turned from the camera and looking up. Are peeing? Or are they waiting for treasures to fall from the skies? šŸ˜€ What do you all think?

Seriously, I find the photo very artistic. No matter how funny they seem to look. Well maybe because I know these guys that’s why when I saw the picture, I found it funny. But to some, they will find this artistic! It will also be nice for an album cover, right? šŸ˜€


Jayson Came Face-to-Face With Joey Ayala

Guess what??? Joey Ayala was in GenSan last July 30th! He did a Song Writing Workshop at the Robinson’s Place.

Joey Ayala is a contemporary pop music artist in theĀ Philippines. He is well known for his style ofĀ music that combines the sounds ofĀ Filipino ethnic instruments with modernĀ pop music. *(excerpt from wiki)*

Joey Ayala is Jayson’s all-time favorite artist. He has been listening to his songs since we were kids. And Joey Ayala’s songs were one of the first songs he sang in theĀ theaterĀ and the bands. Joey is Jayson’s idol! And he came face to face with him at the workshop! Isn’t that great? I can just imagine how happy Jayson was during the workshop!

The Man - Joey Ayala
Jayson all smiles with his idol

Joey Ayala is a big influence in Jayson’s music. His music will always be an inspiration to Jayson, to Kuerdas band and every aspiring local musicians in Mindanao!



Missing “Real” Performances On Stage

I sang at our team building last Saturday. It was just a simple performance. A colleague played the guitar for me. There wasn’t a full band set up on stage and there wasn’t a really big audience. It was just a small group of people,Ā colleagues having fun at Caliraya Lake Resort. It wasn’t even a serious performance. I felt like just jamming with my friends. I had fun performing still. They said they liked my rendition of Karmin’s Borkenhearted. Yet no one took a video of me singing. LOL! I just hope they were telling the truth, though. Haha!

I miss the “real” performance on stage. I wish I’d still be able to do that sometime when I get together with Kuerdas band.



Unforgettable Laughs Caught On Cam

We were sailing on a boat, already having fun when all of a sudden I dropped my bottle of C2. I had a hard time bending that time so Mark bent over for me and went after the bottled C2 which took him almost to the edge of the boat. We were laughing so loud, out tummies hurt. Haha! I can always remember that moment.

I wish we can do this again. Laughing a lot and having so much fun together with the rest of the gang. šŸ˜€



Brothers Doing Things Together

Jayson and Mark do a lot of things together since they were children. Mark pretty much looks up to his brother and basically also does all the things that his big brother does. I remember when we were young and have family gatherings, after Jayson sings a sons, Mark’s would always get everyone’s attention and sing his own rendition of songs even as a little boy. That’s the reason, I guess, that they both ended up being band mates right now. šŸ˜€ Although Mark has some other talents that his big doesn’t have. Like carpentry and he likes fixing electrical stuff. If he gets the opportunity, I bet he’s also going to be good at mechanical stuffs. He could be good at replacing machines with bolts, studs and t nuts. Well, I don’t think he still have time for that though. I guess he just wanted to focus on his singing career and fix music instruments with his big brother. šŸ˜€