Jollibee City Heights Gig

Jollibee is one of the famous fast-food restaurants here in the Philippines especially to kids and the kids-at-heart. Everyone loves dining at any of its franchises not only because of the yummy Chicken Joy, fries, spaghetti and their burgers but also because all the food they serve are affordable.

Franchises of the restaurant has been all over the country. And one of them just opened at Dadiangs, City Heights in GenSan where Kuerdas Band took part on. I think the band is always the first choice for opening gigs of every establishments in GenSan.

Here are more of the boys on their Jollibee City Heights Gig:

I love looking at the last photo. I can just imagine how much fun the  boys and their audience had during the gig.

Rock on Kuerdas! :) Always keep that happy spirit!


The Unused DigiCam

I have a digital camera at home which I haven’t used  for a while now. It’s a simple Cannon digicam. I used to want to buy energizer rechargeable batteries for it so that I can use it to take photos and videos for a longer time. I always forget to do it until I lost its memory card. Now I have to purchase to different accessories to make the digicam work. Sigh. So careless of me.

For now, I content myself with taking pictures using my phone. When I have the time, I’ll go ahead and purchase batteries and memory card for that digicam so I can take better pictures of whatever. 😀


Upon Gaining Weight Rants

I have not worked out since last year. I just didn’t enroll myself for workout sessions anymore. I don’t think I can still afford that, I guess. Besides, I won’t be able to have time to hit the gym with my busy schedule anymore. Or maybe I just become lazy of working out.

Now I gained 53 kilos from the 49 kilos I worked so hard for last year. My tummy is bulging, most of my clothes won’t fit anymore and I really have a hard time putting myself in a diet. I might as well check this site out: which tells about Adipex diet pills. How it works even if at rest. Interesting, isn’t it?

If it still is not going to work, I will have to find time to do some exercises at home instead. That is if I’m not too lazy enough to do it. :)


Booming Economy In GenSan

During my vacation in GenSan, I never really had time to sit and have a long chat with relatives and friends. I was busy with my family. Although I somehow was able to stroll a little of GenSan. The place is really different now.

photo courtesy of Bariles of

I saw some new establishments along the familiar streets. A new SM Mall is going to open very soon (August 9-10 of this year, according to news). Manny Pacquiao’s empire (shops, boutiques and gasoline stations and even a new hotel) is manifested all over the town. And I heard about Starbucks also going to build a franchise at the Home of the Champs! What a great news, isn’t it? I’d still be able to get a taste of my favorite Java Chip Frappe!

GenSan truly is booming right now and it continues to grow economically. I’m glad to know that if in case I won’t be able to go back here in Manila, there are a lot of opportunities for the unemployed citizens of GenSan and the soon-to-be jobless like myself.


Kuerdas At Bodega Resto Bar And Music Lounge

Kuerdas Band will be playing at Bodega Resto Bar and Music Lounge tonight, it’s a new place for fun and enjoyment in GenSan. I don’t know when it opened up but even before the place opened for business, the band was already contracted by the owner of the place as one of their performers in the bar.

Bodega in Filipino means a store for either groceries or hardware equipment or other industrial supplies such as festool tools, air tools, etc. Nowadays, these big storage rooms have been upgraded into cool clubs or disco pubs. Thank goodness people make these bodega. The band have enough places to play their beautiful music to.


Rainy Days Poetry

Rainy days are here! No more sweating all day! Maybe just a little bit. 😀 Electric bill won’t be too expensive anymore since the outdoor gazebo fans will most likely be turned off most days. They are useful for the summer but not for the rainy days!

And when I go to be today,I just hope it’s just going to rain all day. In that way I’ll just be on la-la-land and dream away!

LOL! I’m so trying hard to make a rhyme. When all I want to say is – it’s time to go to bed for me! 😀


The Philippine National Anthem In Animation

The Philippine National Independence Day was celebrated yesterday. Well, that’s an annual event here in the Philippines. It was a holiday. I wasn’t aware how others celebrated it because I was on my bed all day, with a high fever. I didn’t even care to turn on the TV. I was asleep all day.

Anyway, I came across this – our National Anthem played in animation. I don’t really like it that much because it doesn’t feel like there’s a heart in there. 😀 Pardon my metaphor. But you can check this video out yourself:

And then compare it to this:

I like my National Anthem played by real people. That’s for my own opinion. I’m entitled to one, anyway.


Making Use Of The Crappy Earphone

I like listening to music with my new phone. Although I don’t have enough songs saved on my playlist, what is important for me is that I’m able to listen to my favorite FM stations. In that way, I can get updated with new songs these days.

The songs sounded even more nice when I plug in my earphones. I thought I can use them when making calls, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. The accessory was part of my purchase of the new phone but it’s seems to be crappy lately. I’m checking out a Sena SMH10 which I think works better than what I have right now. I might purchase one when this earphones I have won’t work anymore.

For now, I’ll content myself with the crappy accessory.


Wanting To Try A Different Hang Out

I’m not a party-goer. Although I used to hang out with friends in some bars before in my younger years and have fun. But that was years back. I also used to be a performer so I went to bars to work.  :)

I’ve seen a lot of clubs on TV that showcase DJs doing turntable scratching and play cool music. The crowd is having fun dancing to whatever song they play. Their turntables look expensive, I wonder if they where they bought a table on clearance sale and are able to play nice music from those. I heard they get good pay just by spinning great on their turntables.

Sometimes I think about going to these clubs just to experience being at that type of crowd. My boyfriend won’t allow me anyway. I might just sneak around sometime if my best friend comes to visit me here in Manila then! 😀


Lots Of Catching Up To Do But So Little Time…

As soon as I get to the airport on my first day of vacation last week, I thought about seeing the members of the band. But there were a lot of things to do first before I was able to do that.

I went home first to see my nephew and Mom. My younger brother was the one who fetched me at the airport with his motorcycle. It was a tiring ride since it was more that a 30-minute ride. I got reunited with my Mom and my nephew was Oh so glad to see me! 😀 He was very enthusiastic and wouldn’t let me off his sight.

We went to a mall in GenSan and bought my nephew some story books. He helped me choose his books. He was really a doll!

Afterwards, I sent a message to Jayson and told him I’m on vacation. They have a gig in few hours in a nearby town and spared some minutes to see me. If I wasn’t with my brother and nephew, I would have gone with them on their gig. I didn’t so we just did a little chat.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of them that same day. I thought I’d still be able to see them on the next gig. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time.

I hope on my next vacation, I’d be able to really chat with them. There were lots of catching up to do but so little time.