Summer Time, Reggae Time, Bikini Open Time! :)

Summer Time = Beach Time

Summer time is beach time. And it’s also the time when Kuerdas Band have plenty of bookings especially on gigs by the beach.

Beach Time = Reggae Time

They are always the band in demand to perform on Bikini Open gigs such as this:

Reggae Time = Bikini Open Time

Hoohaa! It definitely is HOT this summer time with Kuerdas Band! 😀


Kuerdas Band’s Favorite Outfit

Many people here in the Philippines prefer wearing t-shirts especially during summer season. Not only it is easy to wear but it’s also brings anyone comfort since these shirts are made up of cotton fabric.

Labeled shirts or customized t-shirts have been very common lately. Even the members of the Kuerdas band wear a lot of them not only on ordinary days but also on their gigs. It  looks like T-shirts have been their favorite outfit ever since the band started. The shirts have different designs but mostly the members of the band wear those that have reggae designs on them.

The Shirts On Kuerdas

That was an old picture. I was even there at the time and look! Mark’s hair is permed! LOL!

My fave cover photo! :)

Why my favorite? Because they all look handsome on this photo with their black shirts. Don’t you all agree? :)

The shirts are easy to wear on stage that’s why you’d see the boys wear these most of the time. Their fans love whatever the boys wear onstage, anyway! :)


Frapps At Atlantis, GenSan

It has been so hot the few days but not today. I’m glad today’s weather cooled down a bit. It rained here in Metro Manila that’s why I am not ranting about the summer heat. I wonder how the weather temperature is right now in GenSan.

I was browsing some pictures at Kuerdas Band’s Facebook account and came across this picture. It made me drool over them. LOL!

Are these better than Starbucks Frapps???

I wonder if it tastes better than the Frapps offered at Starbucks? I’d visit Atlantis on my homecoming for sure and have a taste on one of these!