Band On A “Rest” Mode

With Mark recovering from his recent illness, the band for sure, is also on a “rest” mode. Mark being the lead vocals, although some of the members of the band also sing, there are bookings and gigs that won’t be participated in by the band without Mark. All the other members have to wait until Mark is well enough to perform on stage.
This is the reason why the band is named Kuerdas – it’s a Filipino word for guitar strings. The guitar won’t sound good when lacking one string. The same way with the band. The gigs/performances won’t be better if one of the members is missing in action. Not only in music are they bonded together, they’re also a bundle made up of friendship and family.

The Culprits On Mark’s Illness

Mark suffered from severe pneumonia. He is now better and will be taken out of the hospital but he was advised to rest for at least a month. Lainy told me that they’re planning to make him stay at our relatives place where there is fresh air. He needed time to recuperate before going back to performing with the band again. I hope he will be able to rest this time and quite smoking. I think the smoking and not getting enough sleep were the culprits. He himself is to be blamed, anyway.

My aunts and relatives will take good care of Mark. He won’t have to do anything over at our  relative’s place but to sit back on plastic Adirondack chairs and make himself well so him and the band will get back on track as soon as he gets well.


Mark’s Recent Suffering

I just saw these pictures posted by my cousin Lainy in Facebook. Damn! I have no idea that Mark is hospitalized and have undergone pain. I am yet to find out with Lainy what sent Mark to the hospital. From the pictures, it looked really serious. Let’s hope and pray the the band’s main vocalist is going to get well very soon.

Getting ready for the needles... :(

Too painful... :'(

 I still have to find out about the details from Lainy. I hope I’d be able to talk to her today.

I hope you’re doing fine now, Mark! :(


Jayson Saving For Xyle’s Future

Jayson’s son, Xyle, is growing up really fast. He’s about 7 months old now and I actually haven’t seen this nephew of mine in person. I just content myself seeing pictures of him in Facebook posted by his Aunt Lainy and his Mom and Dad. My cousin Jayson seem to be having fun being a great father to his first child. He better enjoy every growing up stages of his son. Soon he will not only think about the milk and food for his baby. He will also think about his first son’s education and school playground. 😀 It’s better if he start saving for it early, right?


Looking Good And Fab On Stage

It’s a performer’s responsibility to always look good on stage. No performer would like to be criticized with how they look as they perform on stage unless, they themselves were known to be weird. But most of those who are popular are fit and fabulous. I wonder if most of them go to the gym frequently or just take diet pills or just go for very strict diet. I also wonder if they read about lipo 6 black ultra concentrate review and learn more about the product before taking them. Or else they will suffer the consequences of having too little knowledge about what they put in their bodies.

When I was with the band, I was always conscious about how I looked on stage. When I gained weight, it was a dilemma for me. We all know how hard it is to loose the weight. Or sometimes the audience just got used to me being chubby at that time. 😀


My Heart’s A Stereo

I hope I’m not too late for Music Monday! :)

Here’s one of the songs I keep singing lately! I like it very much! 😀

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Gear Up For Motorcycle Trips, Mark!

Motorcycle has been a very common and the most economic way of transportation here in the Philippines nowadays. Anyone can buy or own one since it’s way cheaper than buying a car.

Most of the Kuerdas band members have their own motorcycle including Mark, the main vocalist of the band. I have seen many pictures of them on their way to gigs and some pictures posted on Facebook are their travels with friends on some getaways. They seem to be having fun on the highway. It looks like they also accessorize the two-wheeled vehicles with motorcycle windshield to protect them from dangerous elements in the air during travel.

I hope Mark won't be travelling like this...

All geared up! Thumbs up! :)

The problem with this vehicle is that it is the cause of most road accidents. I fear for my friends and loved ones who uses the motorcycle as their way of transportation. It’s really dangerous. It may be economic but for me, it really is not a good choice for mode of transportation especially for long trips.