Blackouts During Gigs Is Not A Good Idea

Unannounced blackouts or technical problems are one of the things that we hate the most in our everyday lives. Especially if it happens in between Kuerdas Band’s gigs. Spectators and reggae fanatics will rant for sure about not being able to hear their favorite band play the whole song that happen to be their favorite. It’s like watching a movie on it’s climax and then the power shuts off. It’s the same feeling when it happens during the gigs.

And when the power comes in and out. Worst can happen. Especially  if the owner of the bar or anyone in charge of the gig don’t have quick disconnect installed in their facility. Blackouts can start fire, you know. I know that because it often happens here in Manila. Whenever there are blackouts, later on there will be fire sirens heard along EDSA.

I hope it won’t happen during Kuerdas’ gigs though.


The Band Major’s Shane and Xyle

When the Band Major – Jayson got married last year to pretty Shane, I was able to say that he was one lucky guy to have married to a faithful and caring woman.

Not only was he given love and support by Shane, the best gift she gave him is their Morning Dew – the cute and cuddly Xyle!

Ohh… That baby! I know I can cuddle you little angel when I come home this May. :)

Anyway, I haven’t heard from the couple lately. We just exchange simple gestures at Facebook. Looking at their pictures make me think that the family is getting along well. I bet Shane also have good relationship with her mother-in-law, my dear Aunt Rose. Who wouldn’t? My Aunt gets along well with everybody who knows her. I wonder if Shane already thought of a gift for Aunt since her birhtday is fast approaching. Or else she should ask great gift ideas for mother in laws from my cousin Lainy. Lainy definitely knows what her Mom would want for a gift.

I think being with Jayson, Shane and Xyle and the rest of the family on her birthday will make my Aunt happy on her natal day. I wish I could be there as well.


Kuerdas At PAHAYAHAY RestoBar Tonight

Kuerdas band have played several times at PAHAYAHAY RestoBar in GenSan. It looks like it’s a cozy place to be at with friends and loved ones. I want to visit the place on my soon-to-be homecoming.

Here are some photos of Kuerdas Band at Pahayahay RestoBar:

Some delicious menu they serve that I’m so looking forward to eat on my visit!

This one is interesting! (Fried Frog) :)

I miss this!

Tuna sashimi, of course!

This Bulalo Steak look really yummy! I’m getting hungry now… :/

Like them on Facebook! Or you can check the RestoBar out while enjoying the music with the Kuerdas Band tonight, Generals! :)


The Eyes Of The Beholder… :)

I’ve been having problem with my eyes these past few months. I haven’t had it checked with a doctor yet. It kept bulging whenever I’m tired and stressed out. The ophthalmologist who checked my eyes sometime ago suspected it to be allergic conjunctivitis and that I have to have it checked by an Allergologist. I’m planning to set an appointment with an Allergologist’s receptionist who’s maybe seated next to a medication cart. I hope I’d be able to go to the clinic this time around.
I really feel anxious with my eyes and make sure that I don’t get my self exhausted. I’m a bit scared about the diagnosis but since the ailment has been recurring, I better have it checked by the doctor. I just hope it’s not something serious.

A Better Plan For My Birthday

My birthday is fast approaching yet I still don’t have a concrete plan of how I’d be able to spend it. I’m thinking about going out of town, maybe spend a night or two in Baguio City and visit my friend who lives there. She has been asking me to visit but I just don’t have the time.

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines. People go up there mostly in the summer season to relax since the weather is always cold up north. And there are a lot of places to visit in Baguio City. I have visited the place several times with Wendy, a friend of mine. We have a lot of catching up to do. I can now imagine us talking outside her home sitting in front of one of those beautiful firepits she own.

I miss Wendy. We met when I worked in Clarkfields, Pampanga. We clicked, became friends and decided to be roommates. We just parted ways when she decided to go back to Baguio City where she actually resides. We haven’t seen each other for more than a year now. I think it’s about time to make a visit to her hometown and relax on my birthday.

Now I have a better idea for my birthday!!! :)


Hey Soul Sister

Here is a video of myself singing my version of “Hey Soul Sister” as requested by KM and Rovie! 😀

My entry for this week’s Music Monday. Enjoy!

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My BIG yet Caring cousins

I just saw a video of my cousins which was posted on Facebook. They were all shirtless and showing off their bulging tummies. LOL! They are all BIG boys.

Boys will always be boys even if most of them are already married. I’m just a bit worried about their health. I wonder, does apidextra work? Cause if it does, I’ll recommend it to them. :)

I’m not sure if they’re aware that they are on cam. They just don’t care, I guess as long as they’re having fun bonding with each other. I miss my caring cousins. I remember the fun we had just hanging out, chatting along with them. They’re all funny guys. There will always be something to laugh about when I’m with them. I hope I can get together with them soon.

Kuerdas On A Green Concert

Kuerdas Band along with Teatro Ambahanon (also a homegrown talent in General Santos City) will be performing this afternoon  in Lagao Gymnasium for an environmental cause. The concert is for free! Friends of Kuerdas and reggae fanatics in General Santos City will certainly be the first ones to support this concert.

According to the article I read about this concert, “Kapamilya Safe Ka Ba? A Green Concert is PRIMARILY entertainment but will seriously focus on the ENVIRONMENT and DISASTER-PREPAREDNESS. It will provide participants with educational information related to safety awareness through concrete what-to-do’s in times of natural calamities and disasters. Kapamilya Safe Ka Ba? A Green Concert is entertainment but with the opportunity for forging environmental partnerships and initiatives.” More about the story here.

I won’t be there today but I can tell that this concert is going to be a huge success. Thanks to those who helped make this event happen and make Kuerdas become part of it!

Go Green Kuerdas! :)