Be Inspired and Well with Great Music

Music is considered to be a universal language and this is why one can appreciate the song without having to understand the lyrics. It is the melody and the rhythm that makes each song unique. Dating back years ago, music has been used for healing and therapy. It is believed to create a positive impact for individuals that are suffering from depression and other emotional trauma. It is also a great tool that can help in relaxation which is why song selection is very important in massage and spa clinics. Have you noticed how the soothing sound seems to help relax your aching body?

A lot of people will get up in the morning, turn the radio on or put their favourite song on the CD player. Why? This is because something about hearing your favorite tune or an upbeat dance music that can make you jumpstart and get you ready for the day. With great music also comes inspiration. You probably have listened to a song that you can relate to, be it about heartbreaks or rising from every fall, each person has a story and there’s always a song to tell it. This is one great thing about music. It goes straight into one’s soul and provides good energy that can help in creating a healthier mind and body.

So if you want to give your restless mind some time to stop over thinking and worrying. Sit down, close your eyes and listen to classical music and let it take all your anxieties away. Remember that listening to good music is probably the cheapest and easiest way to better health.

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A Fallback For Jayson and Mark

My cousins, the band leader – Jay Son and the main vocalist, Mark were members of the band for years now. They have been through a lot through the years yet the band is still standing still and becoming even more popular in the province. I am proud of my cousins maintenaing the status of the band but sometimes I worry for them. They are not getting any younger and I know that they are aware that the band will not forever popular expecially when they will get older. What I’m saying is, I would want them to have some other sources of income so that whatever will happen, they will still have something to fall back at.

My cousins are not only talented. I believe they have other skills that they can boast about. We haven’t seen each other for more a year now. I would love to hear what other plans they have for their future. Who knows? Jay Son might consider an online yoga certification and teach yoga in GenSan. That won’t be impossible, right?

I hope to go home sometime soon and would be able to chat with these favorite cousins of mine. :)

Down Memory Lane With Kuerdas

When I was still unemployed, well that was after I graduated from college, I decided to spend one more year in the band – Kuerdas, before getting “serious” with my future. I remember my Mom kept scolding me about being in the band. She kept telling me why I was wasting my time and my youth in something that’s not productive when I was supposed to be working as a professional. She wanted me to be employed in a stable company as soon as I graduated. Well, I understand her. Being a singer in a local band did not take me anywhere but what my Mom did not understand was that I was just biding my time. I wasn’t in a hurry to land a job at that time. I was enjoying myself with the band. I thought to myself, since it was my last year in the band, I will make the most of it. Well guess what? I did! And I have no regrets. Thank God, I didn’t listen to my mother. LOL!

I was able to make the most of what I really LOVE to do because I thought I won’t forever sing with the boys. For me, it was a good decision that I spent a year with my band because after that, I was not able to join any bands anymore when I got serious with my life. When I landed a job, the opportunity to really sing with a new band didn’t knock at my front door anymore. Although I still sing on very seldom occasions. Not like what used to do with Kuerdas.

After a gig at the mall...
Your's truly singing my version of "I Shot The Sheriff" at a band competition with Kuerdas

To be honest, I miss performing especially with Kuerdas. Whenever I see new pictures of them on Facebook, I sometimes wish I was there performing with them. But years has already passed by. Along with maturity, I have already accepted that I don’t belong “on stage” anymore. But I still love singing. It’s my passion. It’s something that always makes me happy to think about because I have great memories of performing in the past. I had great memories with Kuerdas Band.

Note: This post is written by Ally, the former female lead vocals of Kuerdas Band.

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Bringing Gifts On Birthday Party Gigs

Other than big events like street parties in GenSan, Kuerdas Band get a lot of invitations to play for birthday parties. Those parties are mostly Hawaiian or luau type of parties where the band plays there reggae repertoire. And most of the time, the venue is in a poolside or seaside. When I was with the band, I always love it when we play by the sea. I love singing with the boys and at the same time, I was feeling the sea breeze and hear the waves touching the shore. People at the same time can’t help but dance to every song that the we played on the rest of the show. For me, reggae music is best played on a beach venue.

Anyway, since the band got a lot of bookings for birthday parties, I don’t think whenever they were invited to play, they also bring gifts to the birthday celebrants. Bringing gifts is not a bad idea, isn’t it? Even if it’s not as costly or if they have RedEnvelope coupon codes that they can use to buy discounted yet presentable gifts online. The birthday celebrant might invite them again to play on the next birthday celebration. It’s a good idea, isn’t it? :)

Saving All My Love For You

This was one of Whitney Houston’s best performances before she got addicted to drugs. The cause of her death wasn’t disclosed yet. But personally, I think drugs and nicotine got her. Too bad for Whitney.

Anyway, this is my share for Music Monday.

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May you rest in peace, Whitney.

Business Suggestion For The Band

Most of the boys in the band are already married and have kids of their own. I think it’s only my cousin, Mark, the main vocalist who’s still single right now.

They’re all getting older already. :) They seem to have plenty of bookings and I know how they are paid as a band. However, to the guys who have a family to raise, the talent fees they get from the band is for sure, not enough to feed their families. I know some of them have an 8-hour job that they juggle with their gigs. That for sure helped them with the expenses at home. Some are lucky enough to have their own businesses.

For me, it’s better that they have even just small businesses because it’s not easy to be working an 8-hour shift and play on gigs during the night. Their health is always compromised. I hope they will be able to think of a business like making log furniture and make it big in the future. They will be able to manage their time with the business and the band without compromising their health.

I better make that suggestion to my cousin, Jason. :)


Postponed Homecoming

I really want to come home to GenSan this year. The thing is, I still don’t know when I’ll be able to do that. My brother is planning to come over here in Manila to apply for abroad. His a Registered Nurse and he really would want to practice his profession abroad even if his wife is already working in UAE. And because of that, I will have to postpone my homecoming until further notice. LOL! I might just travel back home with my brother in case he’s done with his application. In that way, we’ll both will be able to save some money in time.

For now, I’ll check out some backpacks for sale. I don’t have travelling bags anymore. Backpacks are more convenient to bring for travel, anyway.

Someone’s Getting Married, But I’m Not Gonna Tell Yet

Someone close to me that I love is getting married! :) I kept a promise, so I’m not gonna tell yet! LOL!

I’m excited about that wedding. I’m really happy that they finally are going to tie the knot and exchange their vows soon! The girl has already informed me to get ready because I’m going to accompany her in hunting for her wedding dress. I wonder about the design of the dress she have in mind. But knowing this girl, she’s a fashionista. I have no doubts about her fashion sense!

We still haven’t talked about the wedding per se. She haven’t mentioned if she will also have a prenup photo shoot. If ever she plans on having one, I hope she can afford to get a pro photographer from wedding photographers raleigh nc. I’m certain she will get the best photo shots of her with her soon-to-be groom.

I just can’t hide my excitement. I hope she comes here sooner so we can get her a very nice wedding dress!

Somebody’s getting married… And I’m not gonna tell yet… LOL! What a rhyme!

Happy Friday everyone!!!