Ally Taking Over Kuerdas

Yeah, I took over A Sojourner’s Saga, The Certified Fashionable Chic and now Kuerdas. Just like what I’ve said on the other blogs of Lainy’s, this is not something permanent and that Lainy is gonna be back sometime soon.

I honestly don’t know how my former bandmates have been doing now. I so very seldom even send text messages to my cousins Jayson and Mark just to say hello. How pathetic of me. I miss them, alright. I just got too busy with my life here in Manila.

To those who don’t know me yet, I’m Ally, Lainy’s cousin and a former female vocalist of Kuerdas Band. I left GenSan some years ago to work here in Manila. Whenever I come home in GenSan, the boys never fail to allow me to jam with them. I always miss the band and my family. So whenever I’m home, I make sure to spend time with them on stage.

I will tell you some more great stories about the band that I’m sure you will all enjoy. I’ll do my best to not bore you with those stories, though! :)

I’ll see you all around! :)

Kampeon Ang Pasko Sa Gensan

It was in December 2011 when the Kuerdas Band Major, my brother next to me, was commissioned to compose a Christmas jingle just in time for the Pasko sa Gensan celebration. My brother did not think twice in writing a song for the purpose.

They traveled to Davao City to record his own composition. The Kuerdas vocals, my youngest brother, were one amongst the three who sang the jingle.

Do click the link below to hear the audio of the Christmas Jingle:

Kampeon Ang Pasko Sa GenSan

You can view the video from here:

Here are some of the photos during recording:

The vocalists
My brother, on vocals
Female lead vocals
Male vocals
The Kuerdas drummer
On bass and lead guitars
The song writer (my other brother), looking on with the rest of the gang

Flowers For The Women Behind Kuerdas Band

Love month is coming very soon. I bet the band will be busy serenading lovers in GenSan. The month of February will be scheduled with gigs and bookings for sure! With their popularity, several bars in GenSan would love to have them on stage, and play popular reggae songs that a lot of their fans would love to hear.

I’m wondering if each of the boys will still find the time to take their beloved girls out for a date on Valentine’s Day. If ever they are busy, I hope they won’t forget to buy Flowers for their wives or girlfriends. Besides, a bunch of roses or lovely lilies is one of the most romantic ways to show they care and love the ladies behind Kuerdas Band – their number 1 fan. :)

Going to the Gym Can Be Very Monotonous

I have been going to the gym five days a week for four months now. But it is only two months since I began to religiously do it. The thing with going to the gym is that it eats up an hour of my time daily. And yeah! It gets so monotonous and I get bored doing the same thing everyday. With my hectic schedule, time does matter too.

I was told that I can do daily exercising at the comfort of my own home. I might just try zumba for xbox 360. Who knows? This might just be the thing I have been waiting for.

Missing Out the Holiday Fun

My cousin Allena wasn’t able to go home for the Holiday Season this year. Too bad she missed out on a lot of fun before the year ended with a bang. However, she now got a boyfriend so she must be enjoying her time with him.

I can still vividly recall when she comes home for a vacation. We always make the most out of it.

With Allena in the middle
The Kuerdas Band Major singing his heart out while yours truly was just looking on ;-)
Pizza: Allena's Treat :-)

She told me that she might be coming home by March. I shall be looking forward for another fun escapade with her.