Kuerdas and Its Kind of Music

Kuerdas Band is known for its kind of music; they stick to one genre and the crowd has gotten used to it. Making reggae music popular in Gensan was a wee bit of a task. People never heard of such music being played anywhere except when Kuerdas chose to play it during the time when they were still starting out as a band in 2003.

Performing for their audience has become a passion. Not too many bands can make their audience come alive and dance to their feet. Kuerdas can enliven the night and make every music danceable with that reggae beat.

One of the many popular gigs that Kuerdas is known for is the Bikini Open. People come and see the parade of beauties and handsome men clad in their skimpy swimming gears.

:-) or :-/?

However, that’s not only the intention. Audience get to pay a hundred bucks worth of ticket and they are so much more willing to travel some kilometers away from the city just to see the Bikini show and to watch Kuerdas on stage as well. It’s a Kuerdas trademark to sing and dance the night away with cool reggae beats.

My brother on lead vocals
Kuerdas on stage
Idle moments on stage by the bassist and percussionist
Kuerdas on beach reggae party

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You Can Never Tell

I know of some blogpals who met their respective spouses via free online dating sites.

With the advent of technology and computers, communication has been made very easy and convenient. Even when your lovedone is miles and miles apart, you do not have to fret. You still can get to talk to them via some mediums as if they are there beside you physically. You still can keep track of the important milestones in their lives.

I know of many who has had very successful marriages even when they met their spouse only through the internet. So you can never tell a person’s future.

Will You Still Love Me?

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The Eyelashes Extension

Remember when I curiously had fake long eyelashes? That was last year when Lash in the City, an eyelash extension lounge, opened up to do business.

I opted for the Cover Girl Cabaret which was way fuller and longer than Lady Posh. I felt so beautiful, hahaha! Lash in the City not only do eyelashes extensions, they also have eyelash growth products here.

Too bad I wasn’t able to get a capture of that eyelash extension experience. Having learned the cons, I told myself I will never want to undergo that same procedure again not unless I attend some special occasions such as weddings and the like where I need to look pretty :-)