I Will Help In Every Way Possible

This has been a pretty busy week for me. I have been on my wits end in this side of the woods. Needless to say that eventhough a lot of writing had kept me preoccupied day in and day out, I feel more and more blessed. Indeed, God’s blessings is outpouring.

I look back to those days when I kept applying for Database Designer Jobs. I had to do it because at the time I still had a temporary status at work. I had to make ends meet with the meager salary that I had.

It was not easy. I had to settle all the monthly bills and help out my Mom in some other essential expenses at home. Though I was not obliged to be responsible for a lot of things at home, I just feel that I need to have my own share.

When the Kuerdas Band major got married in April, I was in tears when my mother tearfully thanked me in front of everyone.

My Mom while tearfully speaking out her mind during my brother's wedding

It was actually the first time that she vocally expressed how thankful she was for all the support I had extended in the family especially for the wedding of my brother. I was not expecting to be praised in public for all the good things I have done for my family. I may not be a good daughter but I always try my best to help out in whatever means I can.

2012 Philippine International Guitar Festival

I saw this banner tagged at Kuerdas Band’s profile at Facebook:

I find the logo cool and the event in itself is something grand that musicians specifically guitarists should look out for.

I am sure a lot of talented musicians shall be joining the said competition. These musicians need to be discovered to help revive the ailing music industry in the country.

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That Elusive Feeling of Solitude

When I transferred here at the pad, my high school pal Elvie was with me all the way. She helped me scout for a good apartment and even with the purchase of some really good house items. We actually had difficulty choosing a good sofa for the living room. It was primarily because we had to consider the space of the apartment. So we opted on purchasing a carpet and some cushions.

The carpet and the cushions

Now that I have made my choice, I will be in the lookout for cheap carpet cleaning services austin. I can’t do it by my lonesome because I did not bring with me the vacuum that I bought several months back. Good thing http://www.thesteamteam.com/ offers the services that I am looking for.

With the new lifestyle that I tread, it was a little hard at first. I faced a transition period from living with my family to my current living condition. Now I have to look after myself because no one will do it for me. I had to do housecleaning, do the laundry, cook my own food, and the like. I had difficulty adjusting to it all in the beginning but with time management, I think I am doing well.

There was no regrets to my decision of living by my lonesome. I find solitude and I found it only now that I am on my own.

Tuna Fest 2012 Was a Success!

During the Tuna Festival Celebration which was held two weeks ago, lots of exhibits, malls shows and trade shows were conducted. Most who participated were SME’s or what they call Small Medium Entrepreneurs who were promoting their respective products to the consuming public.

One of the highlights was the Sashimi Night. It was one good event to showcase Gensan’s best tunas. Garden shows, trade show flooring and trade show carpet were also showcased including the logo mats and the logo canopy. It made the Tuna Fest more alive and exciting.

I was amazed with all the products endorsed during the Tunafest celebration especially when Gensan’s best like people, places and products were showcased. The flooring used during the exhibits would actually make you gaze in amazement because it was like you were in a different culture. The ambiance was specifically suited for the event. It was exclusively presented for the benefit of the exhibitors to get the attention of the constituents.

As a whole, the event was very successful. No untoward event took place which hampered the lively progress of the celebration.Peace and order was made secure and the Police Personnel were on heightened alert. The Lady City Mayor won’t let any terrorism wreck havoc once more in the peaceful and booming City of the Generals.

Disappointed I Am

The Kuerdas Band Major was not able to finish his degree in Mass Communications. It is a real pity when he only got 3 more subjects to be able to have the degree. I do not know what was running through his head but my mother and I were certainly disappointed. If only he would listen and heed our good advice.

Since he often goes online most of the time, I want him to search for sites that offer online degrees such as the one at WaldenU.edu. Walden University’s online degree programs I have heard are good to equip one with all the knowledge to be able to adapt in these changing environment. I told my brother to browse through the site and learn about Walden more.

I can only say that we never failed in motivating my brother in finishing through his education. How many times have we inculcated in him that his education is the only legacy that my parents can give him. How I wish he would have a change of heart and would finally enroll again. Even now that he is married, we never stop to tell him to finish school.

I do not now what is running through his head now but I can’t help but feel disappointed. I can only hope that what he plans to do for his life is for his own good and that of his own family.

The Stern Guard

I just find this photo of the Kuerdas vocals hilarious:

Will he sing? LOL!

While my brother was dancing that reggae beat, we all can’t help but laugh when we saw the guard sternly looking on. I remember this was during the Tuna Fest culmination about three years ago. The venue was jam packed with reggae fanatics. In order to prevent peepz from getting up the stage, the guard had to be on the look out.

It was one fun night with Kuerdas and a lot of people enjoyed the reggae party.

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I Am Loving What I Am and Have Now

I never had any inclinations in the medical field not until I decided to take a short term course in Medical Transcription. It was then when I began to appreciate Science. I even contemplated in getting a nursing degree.

I have even imagined myself clothed in neat cotton nursing scrubs ordered online from http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/. Lots of my friends who now works as a nurse as their profession never trusted any nursing uniform but at that site alone. They told me the quality of the clothing is guaranteed and the fabric that touches the skin is just irresistible :-)

However, due to some inevitable circumstances, I never pursued my urge to enroll in a nursing school. I had to content myself of what I have for now. It is simply because I tend to do a lot of things all at the same time but eventually end up accomplishing nothing. I have often said that I lack consistency. I need to focus my goal on just one thing then do my best to achieve it before I plunge into something else yet again. That sounds logical, hehe!

Anyhow, I am loving what I have been doing for the last couple of years. I thank the Lord for all the blessings He bestowed upon me. Where He placed me at this time is the best and I could not ask for anything more.


Thanks to Darwin Barton

Tonight it was raining so I decided to stay home and watch the Batman marathon on Direct tv. In my opinion, there’s no better superhero than Batman. He’s rich, smart, good-looking, and he’s got lots of awesome gadgets. My love for Batman started at a young age. I remember turning 6. My mother wanted to plan me a 101 Dalmatians themed birthday party and I asked her if we could invite Batman. My mother ignored my request (as usual), but when it came time for presents, it was no secret which gift I treasured most. My family and friends gave me Polly Pockets, Barbies, and frilly outfits normal girls would like. My grandfather (who had a way of always knowing what I really wanted) presented me with two action figures and a Batmobile. We have a home video of me opening the Batman toys and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I stood on my chair, moved my arms in circular motion (the ever-popular dance move), did a jig around the room, then aggressively and purposefully smashed the Batmobile into the middle of my Dalmatian cake.

Games People Play

My brothers who’s the Band Major and Lead Vocals of Kuerdas respectively loves to goof around at home during their idle moments. Let me show you a raw video for proof:

Here’s the original video by Inner Circle:

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Now Is the Time

Have you gotten yourself a CD type annuity rates as of yet?

I have my own insurance and I tell you this is the right time to invest for the future. Now that I am still able and productive, I believe it is the perfect time to work on my future.

At work, the newly appointed Director in this part of the country hugely emphasized the importance of saving up and securing one’s future as early as now.

How right he was! There could not be any other time than today.