Kuerdas Band at Sashimi Night for the Tuna Festival 2011

It’s the City’s Charter Anniversary once more… that means it’s Tuna Festival.


Come join the fun and excitement with heaps of activities lined up for this year. The festival had officially opened on August 26. The culmination night is on September 5.

One of the highlights is the Sashimi Night Eat-All-You-Can which shall feature three bands for three straight nights (2 bands are homegrown). Kuerdas shall culminate the event on September 4.

What can you expect?

P 150 only for a beer or soda PLUS sashimi-all-you-can (until supplies last).

* Food display from Gensan’s top restaurants
* Nightly entertainment
* Raffles
* Tuna dishes and more!


Credits: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=222280977819992

My Share For:
Mellow Yellow Monday
Orange Tuesdays

Dart Player

It was about three years ago when I was tasked to represent our region for the Mindanao Goodwill Games for Darts Women Category. I can’t believe I was chosen to play because I never played dart before. The Boss’ believed I could play the role well because it can be learned and I was given more than enough time to practice the game.

Imagine me doing my practices everyday at some specific hours at work. I was holding not a pen but a pin. A dart pin though, not the trading pins 😉

This year, the MGG 3 is slated to be in Dapitan City, Zamboanga. I don’t know yet If I shall be given another role this time around. :-)

My Dream Birthday in Calgary

My high school pal, Mae and her entire family had just migrated to Canada. Their choice for a city to settle down is Alberta specifically in Calgary. Our neighbor who also worked there as a nurse also chose the same. They have actually told me a lot of beautiful things about Calgary. It’s a beautiful place. It’s clean and the people are very disciplined.

One of our friends who now lives in the U.S have expressed her intention to want to visit Calgary in the near future. She was told she won’t have a problem for a place to stay because there are a lot of Apartments for rent in Calgary. She is going to deliver her new baby girl in three weeks. That will be her third baby. There will be five of them who’s going to travel very soon.

I so wish I could travel there myself. I just published about my dream birthday in my other blog.  I mentioned about me wishing to have it spent out of the country, somewhere on Calgary, YAY! 😉


That Emo Look

I can’t help but let out a big grin when I saw these photos posted at Facebook by one of the Kuerdas’ long time buddies.

Those were the days when the boys used to hang out at the house and had always been doing silly stuff such as these:

The youngest of 3 siblings
The middle child

Can you notice something similar with the two boys? Or do they look too opposite that any resemblance can’t be obvious? What do you think?

Faux Pas

Technology has hugely evolved over time. The malls now and the convenient stores have been using barcode scanner to do the job conveniently. Other innovations have also been made to make shopping a lot easier for their consumers.

Speaking of the malls, I remember Allena when she was still the female vocals of Kuerdas. They had a gig in one of the malls here. When she had her opening greetings, she welcomed everyone at the mall but she had uttered mistakenly the competitor’s name.

Oh my!

I could imagine the shame and embarrassment she had felt at the time. Those were the days when they were young and innocent, LOL!


I have slowly settled in here in my new home. Thanks to the Kuerdas vocals who have always been there to lend a helping hand. From the purchase of the household items including the Pegboard, he had been a constant help all the way. I was also able to request him constantly to do this and that. Gratefully, he had done so without further complaints, LOL!

He was actually as excited as I was with the move. He would tell me not to forget to SMS him when I cook something yummy or when I want a company. Isn’t that sweet of him?

The Newlyweds

I believe I still haven’t posted a photo of the newlyweds at this blog. Since it’s the wedding of the Kuerdas’ Band major, I consider this blog his turf.

Please allow me to present the newlyweds:

The couple didn’t have an expensive Semi mount diamond ring but I am sure if they got the budget they will purchase one.

But anyhow, that was one of the solemn events that my family had ever witnessed. It’s only a few months since that grand day and I know there’s still a helluva lot in store for them.

I can only wish them good luck!