Enjoy Your Youth

Have you ever tried taking on a curt trailer hitch?

The Kuerdas fanatics usually would take on some hitchrides to be able to watch their gigs especially those that are out-of-town. I truly admire their gesture of support for the band. Not too many fans would do the same for their idols.

I just can’t help but appreciate these young kids for their resilience. I wasn’t able to enjoy and have fun when I was younger. It’s indeed true that enjoying your youth can make your life fuller.

The Road to Success

I actually am not an achiever. But when I set out myself to do something, I always make it my best shot. I don’t do things half-baked. I always make sure that I give it my all.

I was only an average student when I went to school. But I know some of my schoolmates who achieved in school but became jobless in the end.

I didn’t have difficulty in finding a job. Yes, there were rough roads along the way but I was able to handle them well.

I got lucky that I can squeeze in schooling in the nature of my job right now. I actually feel blessed.

It was great to discover the mindset needed to achieve success. I
might just pursue my online schooling so I can inspire others and set a good example for my siblings.


Why don't you come to your senses?
You been out ridin' fences
For so long now

Oh you're a hard one
But I know that
You got your reasons
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw
The queen of diamonds boy
She'll beat you if she's able
You know the queen of hearts
Is always your best bet

Now it seems to me some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the ones
That you can't get
Lyrics provided by

Oh you ain't gettin' no younger
Your pain and your hunger
They're drivin' you home

And freedom
Oh freedom
Well that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walking
Through this world all alone

Don't your feet get cold
In the winter time?
The sky won't snow
And the sun won't shine
It's hard to tell the night time from the day

You're losin' all
Your highs and lows
Ain't it funny how
The feeling goes away?

Why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences
Open the gate

It may be rainin'
But there's a rainbow above you
You better let somebody love you (Let somebody love you)
You better let somebody love you
Before it's too late...


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I Only Reap What I Sow

Ok! Ok!

I know I have often ranted enough about how I would so wish to lose some weight. Have I told you I have succeeded?


I have tried everything in desperation even the yoga blocks. I am just too happy to announce that I have lost three kilos for my effort :-)

But that is actually not the reason to celebrate. What seemed to be very significant was the instilled discipline and determination. Had it not been for that, I know I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I want. It goes without saying that I only reap what I sow 😉


In Doubt as Always

The Kuerdas vocalist who is my younger brother went off to travel to my mother’s hometown earlier today. He was tasked to bring along with him some important papers for my Aunt who got a terminal illness.

My mother was kind of worried coz he will only be traveling using his own motorbike. My mother suggested that he better have someone along with him with his entire travel so that if breakdown service will become necessary, he will have someone to be with him and not by his lonesome.

I am not sure if he took heed of Mom’s advice but knowing him, I doubt it. Grrrr!

Within Reach In No Time

Every week, I always see to it that I take time for a weigh in. That is to make myself more determined in maintaining my weight.

I used to often browse at buyapidexin.com in the past. Good thing all my efforts paid off. The site helped me a lot in my own battle at trimming down.

As of now, I am happier with my present physical state. Though I still have to lose two more kilos, I just know it is within reach in no time.

Windy’s Generosity

I was very happy when Windy handed over to me his very own Kodak SLR camera. I almost can not believe it when he gave it to me. I am not too adept at models of compact digital cameras but believe me, the one he gave me was something that I would truly value for the rest of my life.

Almost everyone has been going gaga over DSLRs. I also want to have my very one. The one that Windy gave me was the answer that I can’t be grateful enough.

If Only Looks Could Kill

I got so pissed off with my brother when he used the bag that I have been using everytime I go for a travel. Why can’t he just buy himself Osprey Backpacks so he does not have to bother me by sneaking away the bag without my permission?


I can’t contain my angst when I learned about it. I don’t want anyone messing up with me especially with my personal stuffs. My entire family knows that. But knowing the naughtiness of my brother, sometimes he does stuffs intentionally to make me feel boil with rage! Gosh! If only looks could kill!