Blackberry It Is!

Last week, I informed the Boss that we still have almost a hundred thousand budget for communication equipment. I further told him that we do need to utilize the said appropriation for the purpose intended.

I was a little surprised when he mentioned about wanting to acquire CCTV cameras in the office vicinity for security purposes. I was hoping he would first tell me about wanting to have a few units of Blackberry phones. I knew he wanted one.

I still can recall when he mistook my phone to be Blackberry when he first saw it. I had to correct him and informed him that it looks like one but a cheaper version, LOL!

We are now in the process of canvassing the items including the RIM BlackBerry accessories. I believe we still could acquire three units. I wonder if I could avail of it too, hehehe! I am keeping my fingers crossed 😉

My Attendance to the First Ever Virtual Party

I feel excited to be attending the first virtual party that’s happening right here and now in the blogosphere! It’s an honor to have been invited for this happy occasion. This is in celebration of Karen Chayne‘s burpday.


Whatta grand way to celebrate it yeah?! I used to do this for some special friends in the past but this is gonna be the first time that I am doing this in a huge group like BB.

Oh well! I was in a hurry to find my cocktail dress for the occasion and look what I’ve found:

I have actually worn this in my brother’s wedding last April and this is the second time that I am wearing this, hehehe!

I haven’t forgotten about the delish and yummy Filipino foods. I am sure it’s gotta be an occasion of love affair with my taste buds, LOL!

I am presenting to you my own version of Dinakdakan. This is an Ilokano food which I tried to experiment on my brother’s birthday a few weeks back. Now I got the chance to do it a second time, LOL!

Dinakdakan for you and me!

And here’s the big surprise. Since this is going to be a huge celebration, I deemed it best to sponsor for the live performance of my brother’s band, KUERDAS equipped with sound system and lights. They are gonna be performing on stage live for free, hahaha! How is that for a celebration?

Kuerdas Band on Stage! Party! Party!

This is definitely a birthday party filled with fun and excitement. I hope Karen will have a memorable one.

Have a grand birthday, Karen!


Here They Are!

Kuerdas Band loves to pose for the camera. As a group who is used to live performances on stage, the camera has become a friend.

The group also love the outdoors. Bringing a bushnell binoculars with them can be fun. Getting captures of objects from afar will give them a closer look by using the binoculars.

Indeed, there can never be more fun than being with the same group of people you share your passion with. Kuerdas has been in existence since 2003. My two younger brothers has been the pillars of the band. Not a lot of bands can stick together for such a long time.

But here they are still! Being glued together for eight longs years give them the sense of belongingness. They consider each other brothers and that makes them different from the rest of the bands.

Kuerdas Performance Can’t Be Put On the Line

The Kuerdas Band major is well-versed in sound systems that he can even be an Energy speaker dealer. Apart from their God-given talents, Kuerdas’ performance depends mainly on the quality of the sound system. Before engaging themselves into a booking, my brother has to ask on the soundsystem provider.

Its quality actually has a huge bearing on live performances. So you can not blame my brother if he is a little bit stern on this matter. He is rather meticulous particularly when the group’s performance is put on the line. He can’t sacrifice Kuerdas’ name just for the sake of money.

Thank You, Windy!

I finally have the new desktop I have purchased from Windy. I had the best offer and indeed, it’s the best purchase I ever had! I still have to explore the basics. I got amazed on the features of the desktop. It is not the ordinary one that you would often see that’s up for sale. I still have to know though if remote data backup is provided.

I feel so excited using it and do my online tasks uninterrupted when the pc acts up on me. Now this will elevate my blogging journey to quantum leap. I owe Windy so much for this.