Kuerdas Is On a Roll

I will have a big announcement soon at this blog. This has a big impact on Kuerdas but for now I shall keep you suspended on your seats, LOL!

Kuerdas Band has been pretty preoccupied the past couple of weeks. Each one of them certainly needs multivitamin to keep them on the go in their performances on stage.

The out-of-town gigs surely had sapped them off of their energies. But anyways, they do love what they have been doing, all for the love of music.

The Best Gift

Star and I went to the imported goods section of the Mall the other day to purchase a gift for the Director’s birthday. While looking around for that best buy, I saw that they also have swisher sweet.

As you all know, I do not smoke. I hate smokers. That is why I always get myself involved in a spit-spat with my youngest brother coz he smokes, a lot!

I am not sure if the Big Boss smokes but Star and I chose Johnnie Walker as a gift to be on the safe side, LOL!

The Wonders of Technology

ABC was able to have a good tete-a-tete with her elder Sis who is currently employed in Dubai. That is the best thing about the advent of technology. They were able to have a conference call online. It was so great to hear them talking like little kiddos.

As of now, ABC and her son finally found a cheap apartment. They improvised it. Though it is a lot simpler than the ones they were used to in the past, at least they have a house that could provide them protection for the time being.

The Kalilangan Fever

It has been awhile since I went out and have some fun. I mostly spend my nights at home and infront of the PC accomplishing my online chores.

During the Kalilangan week however, I was able to celebrate the Foundation of the City. Thank God to Raquel! If not for her, I wouldn’t be able to join in the festivities.

She was in the city because her husband got a business meeting to attend. Incidentally, she wanted to go out and watch the Kuerdas performance. She invited me out.

Luckily, Kuerdas got two shows that night- one at the Street Party and the other at Tropics Grill.

It sure was a night of fun and storytelling, hehe. Raquel was able to update me about what happened with her life pre-marriage. She went through a lot in life and I admire her strength. She epitomizes a woman in this modern age.

We parted ways at 3am. Sure time wasn’t enough to have an exchange of life stories. Probably another time :-)

Greener Pasture

Kuerdas got some friends who are currently enrolled in a medical assistant school. It is a known fact that specializations in the medical field are provided with more job opportunities.

It is no longer a surprise that a lot of baccalaureate graduates take on nursing and other medical courses as a second degree for better opportunities abroad. Brain drain has become the problem in the Philippines that the government has yet to address.

What about you, would you be willing to leave the country for greener pasture?