Mark Can’t Afford It

The Kuerdas male vocal is known to be a smoker. My father tried to stop him from doing so when he was just a teener but all his efforts were futile.

It is a bad habit alright because of the ill effects of smoking. All members of the family dissuaded him from smoking but it is true that smoking is an addiction.

I am wondering if he has tried don tomas but personally, I don’t think he has. He just can’t afford it, LOL!

In the Philippines, selling cigarettes is not being regulated that is why there’a a lot of smokers in the country. I am more worried for the health of those passive smokers than the one who really holds the cigarette himself.

What Is Best Wear In The Humid Tropics?

It has been said that one of the finest is the Egyptian cotton linens. It is because of the Tropical humidity where I live that cotton is the best suited.

I have been looking around for this cloth but of a better quality so that I could begin have a good collection of apparel custom made for my wardrobe.

And not only that, it would also be a great choice for my bed sheet and pillow case. Now it is just a matter of making the right retail connections to find what I want to do.

If I can’t locate a source here I am sure I will find it on the Internet.

Home Security Is Priority

It is a horrible thing to lose a whole set of house keys. That is exactly what happened to our family after being out for a beach picnic. We returned home, tired and really needing a shower and found ourselves locked out.

My eldest brother said all it needed was to call for a locksmith to the house to get the matter resolved.

When the locksmith arrived, he strongly advised us that our doors needed a change of handlesets. He warned us that our door locks could be easily picked and we should seriously consider our home security.

We finally agreed and followed his advice. We’re safer now.

It Pays To Ask Around

This is a lesson well learned when I was a teen. Like most teens, I used to fidget with my facial acne and most regrettably found out how terrible that does to the healing process. It leaves ugly acne scars.

After having talked to my peers about what they do when they have to treat their acne, I must admit that I learn more.

What a price to pay by not speaking up and asking others for solutions? Now I am wiser by that experience.

There’s No Harm in Trying

My mother and I are pretty excited over something at the moment. We are still in the process of waiting for the actual positive results before we shout it out to the entire world. If we are going to benefit from this endeavor, we would like everyone to avail as well.

Meanwhile, apart from feeling the thrill over the matter, my mother has just tried a new acne body wash/. She kept telling me that it has positive effects on her and she wanted me to try it out. Well, I can indeed see the positive result on her skin.

So I told myself: Why not try, Lainy? There’s no harm in trying anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aircon or No Aircon?

In an underdeveloped countries like the Philippines, airconditioner in every home is not a necessity. Though it is a tropical country where it feels like summer all year round, every families have to make do with stand fans, wall fans and yeah, ceiling fans.

Here at home, we do have two aircons running but we make sure that we use it only when it’s really needed. With yours truly and the Kuerdas Band major both suffering from asthma, I felt the need to purchase airconditioners a few years back.

As a consequence, our electric bill skyrocketed to almost 4, 000 pesos a month! I can’t imagine how I was able to budget my meager salary with all the utility bills that I have to pay monthly. Good thing there’s my blogs ๐Ÿ˜‰