My Frustrations At Night

I would not call myself an insomniac but I do have problems falling off to sleep. This can be very frustrating especially when everyone has gone to sleep and there is no TV broadcast in the wee hours of the morning.

Friends of mine keep insisting that there are natural sleep aid and that I should make an effort to find them out.

Indeed, this is one that has never passed my mind before and my friends are probably right in their advice. I ought to make an effort or face many more nights of frustration in trying to get to sleep.

When e-Commerce Is The Answer

Most teenagers, especially the girls, are left with few solutions when they begin to have acne. Even the best Pharmacies here in the City provide a limited selection. It is not unless the teenager lives in the Capital City of our country that there is a choice in buying the best acne products.

I suppose it has a lot to do with the distribution network for products and the cost of transportation to far off places in our country that poses a problem.

The concept of e-Commerce has yet to blossom in our country and that would surely be one of the most ideal ways for teenagers in far off places to make their purchases.

Visitors On Wheels At Our Place

We had the distinction of receiving a foreign middle aged couple who stopped their vehicle not far away from our home. Their presence attracted several of our neighbors to mill around them.

I met them while on my way back from doing my groceries and stopped to look at their motor home. We seldom see this at our location and I could understand why the couple drew such a curious crowd around them.

They were Norwegians I believe and were in need of help. They queried whether there was a center at our city where they could avail of motorhome repairs.

Apparently they were in a hurry as they were heading for the Asian Games staged in China and they did not want to miss being present at the Opening Ceremonies.

This Is What I Waited For

It is every woman’s shopping dream when there is a Sales Bonanza. Provided of course there is enough cash for a splurge.

And with the year ending soon, do I have some items that need to be changed at home to liven up the indoor settings?

It could not have come at a better time with Black Friday and I have the money ready to make that splurge.

What a wonderful way to end this year and surprise my Mom and all at home. I am going to thoroughly enjoy this shopping.

You Are Not Alone

No matter how much effort some of us make to spend frugally and to save whatever we can, there is always that unexpected expense that has to be met – something that we never dreamed would happen.

Then comes the hardest part right after we collect our wages. We run short of funds to settle outstanding bills that were displaced by the unexpected expense. It is a terrible situation to be in as we scratch our heads to find a solution.

Recently I learned that there is a lifebuoy to save us from the burden of such a predicament and it is none other than taking payday loans.

What a blessing in disguise!

Kuerdas at EMR Center, Koronadal City

Kuerdas is presently out of town for their Saturday gig at EMR Center, Koronadal City. It has been two consecutive Saturdays that they have been invited to perform for the crowd in Koronadal.

I haven’t been to Koronadal City for ages. I remember I used to go there for Cyber Monday everytime the holiday season is fast approaching. There used to be lots of choices there especially when I want to buy some home appliances. My first boyfriend would used to tag along with me. IT was a good thing because there were lots of stuffs to carry, LOL!

In Dire Need of Replacement

One of the many things that’s keeping me busy at work was the preparation of budget and that included the preparation of Purchase Request. We were happy when one of the budget proposals where approved. It was a 32′ inch LCD television with home theatre system speakers. When I did the canvass, the items amounted to almost P65, 000.00 Not too bad for an elegant entertainment showcase.

For now, we are on the wait for the papers to be completely processed. We look forward to having the appliances by December of this year. Excitement never fails to show as we always see the old tv on the stand. It is in dire need of replacement :-)

From Out Of The Mouth Of Twins Comes Inspiration

I have often wondered what it is like for parents who are blessed with twin babies. It is in fact a remarkable experience for parents. Apart from others being able to tell who is who between the twins, there are so many stories that abound about the affinity between twins.

What I find interesting is when I chance to see parents and their twin babies. I came close to meeting twin babies on a bob revolution duallie and asked the parents if I could baby-talk with them for just a while. They gladly allowed me and Oh Boy!

It was a delightful experience watching their responses in tandem. Oh! how lovely and cute these twin babies were. They stole my heart for the rest of that day and yes, they set my mind in Dreamland, if you know what I mean.

Modern Medicines Have Improved By Quantum Leaps

Five decades ago, it was not unusual for some to resort to Enema treatment to cleanse their bowels. It was also the prescribed method in hospitals.

Not until the modern medicine research and the impetus of Pharmaceuticals did the Enema become archaic, so to say. Instead we have more advanced solutions today.

For the matter concerning cleansing the bowels we now have colon cleansers that work just as effectively for those who are in need of it.

Learning From Others

I have heard of a good number of stories related about how this person or that person made a great success from whatever worked wondrously to scale down unwanted body weight.

However, this one turned out to be the most convincing about weight loss story. I would like to share it here with you. Please do take a read.

I am sure that you will be convinced that what the story relates is profound and effective if you have been seriously looking around for a solution to your weight problem.