“Be Prepared”

What better way than the Boys’ Scout Motto, “Be Prepared”?

As it always is with the majority of us, we take life for granted. We wake up each morning with hardly a thought that what lies ahead might change our entire life in an unfortunate incident.

Everything that happens from the moment we wake up and go through our daily routine is regarded as just another day, good, better or not as good as yesterday.

It takes a fraction of a second for either someone to be careless or our very own self to be careless and then suffer the consequences without having had any other support to alleviate the ensuing hardship.

And recovery time gives us plenty to think about for being foolhardy not to have taken the measures for the just-in-case things do go wrong. Such measures as considering a personal injury Tucson coverage. It is not that life provides no protection assistance. It is up to us really to “Be Prepared” and why not?

The Internet Has It All

Just the other day, I had this potential buyer who started asking me all sorts of questions about an Insurance Policy that he was interested in. He had me bewildered because I don’t really understand much about Insurance matters.

It is my mom who has served a long time in the Insurance business and she would have all the information that this potential buyer needed.

After I had explained it to my mom, she said, “Tell that guy to go and look it up on the Internet. It is the term life insurance quote that he is asking for. It is there at our Insurance Company’s website”.

Hey! that is really cool. Now, I hope that the potential buyer is computer savvy.

Laugh And Grow Fat…With More Problems

There is the proverbial, “Laugh and grow fat” which in my case was compounded by all the food I’ve been having during my fiance’s visit to my country last month.

Now I have the undignified look of a barrel and my apparels seem like they are bursting at the seams. A friend chided me for being sloppy about my weight consciousness and said that I would look less desirable to my future husband if I did not correct myself. Duh!

As such I have been reading up materials dealing with lipofuze review as a possible fix to my overweight condition.

The Dilemma Of Gift Costs

There are some months each year when it becomes a juggling act for me with the amount I can spend for Birthday gifts.

Once upon a time, buying flowers for Weddings and Birthdays did not create a hole in my purse. However, today flowers are not as cheap as it used to be. Perhaps it is because of all the additional items that are added on to the bouquet of flowers that increases the cost.

Lately, there is a good break for me as I discovered Proflower’s coupon codes. This makes flower gifts relevant once again for me.

Furthermore, there is something that suits any budget with such an offer.

Chin Up Guys!

It is not only upsetting for girls but for boys as well when dealing with the blemishes that Acne leaves on the face. What is even more frustrating is that the acne appears on it own free will at any spot on one’s face.

There are ways to camouflage facial acne but that depends largely on which part of the face the acne appears.

How does one deal with acne if it appears at one’s chin. It becomes very conspicuous because the chin is not a large area of the face and acne tends to look even larger on the chin than anywhere else.

Thank heavens! there is a remedy for chin acne and that will help to blow away the blues.

It Is All In The Charts

Just after completing my High School, one of my classmates found a job as a Bank Teller. It was many years later that I met her by chance and we had time to have a snack at a nearby Cafe.

It was then that I learned from her how she had advanced herself financially. She explained to me how “money makes money”. Something that I did not really understand because it sounded rather intricate to me.

Fast forward – there were times when my Boss asked me to go downtown to make Currency change for him before he left for Overseas assignments. I realized then this is what my classmate was explaining to me back then.

Now I understand why weeks before his travel abroad, my Boss would be reading the
Forex charts and decide when it is the best time to make his Currency exchange.

Kuerdas at Koronadal’s First Foam Party

Last Friday, October 8, Kuerdas once more took center stage as the event organizers in Koronadal City invited them over for the first ever Foam Party in the city.

According to Wikipedia, a foam party is very well described as:

“a social event in which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine. For safety reasons, the foam should be generated from non-toxic, non-staining, hypo-allergenic solutions.
Participants may wear bathing suits or beach attire, snorkeling goggles, sunglasses, and shower caps. Many participants arrive fully clothed, and some then partially disrobe as the party progresses, while others remain fully clothed.”

As the party progressed, the audience can’t help but dance to the beat of Kuerdas’ music. Obviously, Kuerdas fanatics have terribly missed the Kuerdas’ brand of music on stage. It has been 2 long years since Kuerdas’ was invited at Koronadal. That long drought made the audience crave for more reggae music and live party dancing.

Here are some photos to boost:

The Moon’s Surface

Although the Moon has inspired Scientists and the Romantics, it has produced a oft said simile – “Gosh! that guy’s face looks the the surface of the Moon!”

If you have not heard of that saying, it means that the face is pock marked by scars. Scars left behind after acne has healed. And like the surface of the Moon, these scars leave “craters” on the smooth facial skin.

Unlike for women who can cake up their pock marked face with cosmetics, the men are left helpless. Now for both men and women there is a solution to this with the use of acne scar removal.

No more Moon’s surface!

Grow Healthy But Not Sideways

We have undoubtedly seen countless advertisements about how to stay healthy and remain in shape. For some this is an arduous task simply because their body’s metabolism makes it difficult for them to stay in shape.

There are times when I wonder if I belong to this group of people for whom it takes a conscious effort to mind the waistline. I have tried several solutions and I cannot say for sure that they have had a positive contribution.

It was not until I came to know about the most effective diet pills 10K that I have found satisfaction. True to what it claims, it has been a great help for me.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

It is said, “what goes up, must come down”. This axiom could not be further from the truth if we are discussing about Economies. In less than 2 decades various Nations and the entire World itself has witnessed boom and bust periods more and more frequently than ever before.

However, that’s how it is with Economies.

I know of something else that goes up and golly jeez! it takes a long time before comes down, if it ever does. Ah! yes, it is our stomachs.

But here is something that will keep the faith in that axiom. It is a diet pill that works.