Overflowing Out-of-Town Gigs

During the Tuna Festival 2010 Celebration in September, Kuerdas Band regularly performed every night at the COKE Party Zone, Oval Plaza. Though it’s a different thing for them performing for COKE instead of SMB (Which I will later on write in detail), they have always aimed at satisfying their audience by giving them that reggae beat that only Kuerdas Band can give.

Having said that, a couple of out-of-town gigs are lined up for them. Stay tuned for the detailed sked in my next posts.

A Face Lift For Our Kitchen

At this moment, we have the same old, staid looking Aluminium wash basin at our kitchen. It has been with us right from the first day we moved into our house. We had no choice but to install the Aluminium wash basin as it was the most cost effective item and our budget was low.

The other day while doing my weekly groceries, I spied a demo copper kitchen sink at a shop.

WOW! it really looked classy and how I wish I had the money to buy it for our kitchen. Perhaps at a later time when I have saved the money for it. It will give our kitchen a face lift for sure.

To Cope With Ageing Can Be Stressful

While young it never dawns on us how it is to cope with the ageing of our bodies. Yes, even though we witness the elderly folk, some of them infirm and struck by the tell tale signs of ageing, yet their infirmities fail to have the impact on us.

However, thanks to advances continuously made in modern medicines, we now have
anti-wrinkle serum to help remove the signs of ageing for our skin.

I am sure that we shall see further improvements in the near future that will help reduce some more ageing problems.

Have You Seen The Inside Of EDP?

Have you seen the insides of any Electronic Data Processing (EDP)room? I had a glimpse of what it looks like during the run-up preparations for the Nationwide Elections here in the Philippines.

It is this huge sober looking room, kept at very cool temperature and it is filled with 1U rack mount and cables running behind them and the light emitting diodes on the equipment kept blinking non-stop.

What was even more startling is that there was only two Staff manning the entire load of Equipment.

Skin Care Varies With Individuals

As a young girl I often heard my mom and aunts discuss about their disappointment with a few skin care applications. I would hear them speak about how some applications bore good results whilst others worsened their skin problem.

When I had my first bout of acne as a teen, my Mom repeatedly warned me about being careful with what I used to treat my acne. I believe she was right not only because she had the advantage of being experienced but also because I had school mates whose acne worsened by using the wrong application.

My Mom insisted that natural acne treatment was the safest application to treat acne. And Mom was right about that.

In the Same Situation

During a few days of stay in Manila, we were able to go to different malls with Ally being the tour guide for free, LOL! She did the job very well. Due to my constant proddings and urgings, my Prince was able to do some shopping.

One time, while I was about to pay at the counter, one guy approached me and asked If I will be paying in cash and I said “YES”. He then asked if it would be OK for me to use his online coupons because he said he got so many but since he needs the cash badly. I did not hesitate in using his coupons for my payment because I remembered my mother before who used to be in the same situation of that man queuing at the mall counters whenever she needs cash for my father’s medicines.

Kuerdas at the COKE Zone for the Tuna Festival 2010 Celebration!

With Kuerdas being banned to play at the SMB Party Zone (will write a separate post out of this), the band shall be performing live at the COKE Party Zone to satisfy the clamor of the audience who has always been craving to party to the tune of reggae music.

I shall be writing in the succeeding posts the complete schedule of the band in line with the celebration of the Tuna Festival 2010.

Being Frugal With Expenses Is Tough

In these times of finance frugality, everyone who owns a car is looking for ways to cut corners with their mandatory expenses. It is a tough reality and one that needs patience and sharing of knowledge on how it may be achieved.

One of the annual expense for car owners is the auto insurance. Insurance is seldom cheap. How does one ever get to know where to find cheap auto insurance quote?

There are Insurance Companies that do provide auto insurance that can fit the size of one’s budget. All it takes is to seek them out and to make the necessary inquiries with them.

Distant Drums (of Love)

I hear the sound of distant drums
Far away, far away
And if they call for me to come
Then I must go, and you must stay

So, Mary, marry me, let’s not wait
Let’s share all the time we can before it’s too late
Love me now, for now is all the time there may be
If you love me, Mary, Mary, marry me

I hear the sound of bugles blow’
Far away, far away
And if they call, then I must go
Across the sea, so wild and grey

So, Mary, marry me, let’s not wait
Or the distant drums might change our wedding day
And love me now, for now is all the time there may be
If you love me, Mary, Mary, marry me