Some Car Owners Take Uncalculable Risks

I have heard of regrettable cases where the car that was involved in a road accident was not covered by the mandatory¬†car insurance. The car owner to avoid the hassles of facing a lawsuit, ended up having to pay heavily out of his own savings to the other party’s full satisfaction.

It is foolhardy to drive a car without being covered by a valid insurance as one can never tell when a vehicle accident may occur no matter how safely one drives.

Sadly, there are still some out there who take the risk by delaying with their car insurance and think that nothing will go amiss on their short drive at familiar roads and places. All that it takes for an accident to happen is a moment’s lapse of concentration while driving. Why take such a costly risk?

Kuerdas at Tropics Grill Live!

It’s Friday night, it’s reggae night!

Come party with Kuerdas tonite at Tropics Grill, Quirino Avenue, General Santos City. It has always been Jamaican night at Tropics with Kuerdas around. If you want to liven up the night by dancing to the beat of reggae music, never hesitate to join the fun!

See you all there!

Diamonds Are Forever

These exquisitely fine cut precious stones have immortalized the wealth and stature of individuals and it also has become the most sought after item between lovers for their auspicious Wedding Day.

The precious stone has also been the source of fables and modern stories on celluloid, all of which portray to what extent human aspiration or avarice for it has led to either towards the boon or bane of those involved.

There are merchants who devote their entire business to the sole venture of jewelries. It transcends international borders because the lure to acquire it attracts those who share the same belief that Diamonds are Forever.

Think Party Think Costumes

Even though we are very much a land of the East, the Philippines is a melting pot of several cultural influences. From the history of our past conquerors and the inter-regional transmigration brought with it the rich heritage of the Philippine culture as we now know it.

As an example, the Filipinos also celebrate Halloween. Perhaps not as widely as it is celebrated over in the United States but it has become an event of added celebrants with each passing year.

Parents too get into the action to help their children to don suitable Halloween costumes. As such, it becomes an event that also bonds the ties of relationship within families and friends to mark the festive occasion.

The Age of Electronic Games

There’s been an explosion of electronic games ever since PacMan made first made its appearance. Remember those handheld gadgets that became the bane of most teachers at Schools as students were half minding their classroom lessons while sneakily playing their electronic games during class hours.

Then came Nintendo that literally changed the face of electronic games. 3 dimensional graphics serial games did heaps to change even the disinterested. The electronic games market exploded with all that and fancy accessories to add to it.

Have you considered playstation 3?