I Remember When My Kid Brother Wanted A CAR!

Reminiscing how it was when me and my sibling brothers grew up where we lived in the village (outskirts of town) and being the only girl in the family, what other choice did I have than romp around with my kid brothers. LOL!

Everytime a car passed by my youngest brother would go yelling after it. He wanted to sit and drive in one of them. Imagine! That is the equivalent today of a boy who looks at a rocket and wants to be an Astronaut.

We did not have the means to have riding toys when we were children. I think it would not have made any difference even if my youngest brother had one because today, his friends provide him with all the transport that he needs.

I Am Going To Own A Laptop Soon

Finally my dream wish to own a personal laptop is to become reality. Having to share the Desktop Computer at home has its limitations. And I do have to use the Computer daily for my Blogs.

Now with a personal laptop it is going to be more convenient. I could even laze on my bed and do my stuff on the laptop.

Can you believe it that my laptop has a 3 year laptop warranty?


Kuerdas Performs at Suncity Suites’ Opening Salvo

Kuerdas will be gracing tonight’s opening of the newest hotel here in General Santos City. This development in the city will surely boost the city’s tourism industry.  This is one way of welcoming our tourists by housing them in  a 42-room classy hotel with 32′ inch  LCD television in each room to boost.

The hotel itself is complete with amenities fully packed with entertainment, fine dining and shopping. This will make night life in Gensan alive and vibrant.

Kuerdas Band Major Confined at the Hospital Once More!

The Kuerdas band major, Jay Son, was again rushed to the hospital yesterday due to severe asthma attack. He was also diagnosed to have pneumonia. It was only a few months back when he was confined at the hospital.

It was such a pity he never learned his lessons. He never kept watch of his diet and never did regular exercises. Their gig last night was cancelled.

When I got out of the hospital last year, I became very conscious of my health. I even have womens vitamins which I’ve heard are very effective. Thus far, I think I am doing well.

If my brother won’t take good care of his health, I can’t do anything about it anymore.

Squeezing And Pinching Acne Isn’t The Right Method

I saw my neighbor’s teenage son pinching and squeezing the acne on his acne-ridden face and I was the one that grimaced as he did it. I called him over to chat with me but he felt too shy and ran into his house immediately.

Later that same afternoon, I had a chance to meet his mother and I mentioned about what is the best acne treatment for her son.

She acknowledged that she hasn’t been giving her son much attention to his acne problem but having heard my suggestions, she would help her son to get the right treatment from now on.

Acne Treatment Paraphernalia

I have seen instances when using my host’s Comfort Room where there is a shelf almost fully laden with an arsenal of treatment formula for acne. From gel creams to removal implements and cotton buds, you name it, it’s there.

However, on most of these instances I noticed that there is an absence of acne face wash and wonder why. I believe that this is very important.

The right PH skin balance does help to ward of an increase in acne. Perhaps most of my friends have little or no knowledge that there is such a thing PH skin balance.

Names Of Medical Products Do Not Always Mean As It Appears

It is part and parcel of the medical profession that medical products bear scientific names.For example, I have never heard before of such a name as “Lipozene”. What would anyone guess that product to be?

Perhaps one might think that it has something to do for the human lip since the name begins with that. How wrong that assumption is.

I discovered what Lipozene means when I stumbled upon it at lipozene reviews and learned what exactly it is meant for.

Insurance Lingo Can Be Bewildering Sometimes

Most of us would be dazzled by the various offerings made by each and every Insurance Company. The terms and conditions that apply to different kinds of Insurance policies are so varied between Insurance Companies.

Added to that bewilderment, one is not accustomed to the terminology that is used specifically by Insurance Companies. Most of the times, we end up misunderstanding the real intent and meaning of Insurance terminology.

That would be understandable in the case of a health insurance policy. Fortunately there are some Insurance Companies that take the effort to explain it with more detail such as the North Carolina health insurance

Prevention and Treatment For Cholesterol Needs Proper Guidance

One comes across many articles about the dangers of having too much unhealthy levels of the bad type of cholesterol and the dangers that it presents to one’s longevity and general health.

The proliferation of such materials can confuse the reader as to what is really the right treatment for high cholesterol

There is a blood test that needs to be performed and analyzed at the Laboratory before treatment is decided. Despite the presence of various medications, there are differences of opinion about what kinds of food is to be avoided.

How To Treat Eye Blemish

Besides the natural pigmentation of our skin that grows darker around our eyes as we age, it is also due to a lack of required hours of sleep. dark circlesaround the eyes is a blemish that most women would not like to display.

Cosmetic treatments are available to treat it but it is not always feasible to know which treatment is worth the expense.

Proper diet and taking the required amount of sleep is surely one way to prevent the occurrence of dark circles around the eyes.