I Dream Of Having A Kitchen Of My Own Design

Uggh! we have been having this kitchen of ours at home that could do better, especially with our faucets. Not only does it leak, it’s so old and the brass handle is turning black.

I would love the day when I am able to design my own kitchen. It would be decked with shelves at the right place and fitted with a pots and pans hanger right above the wash basin. That way the washed pots and pans would drip dry without messing the kitchen. Neat ha?

And yes, the faucets will be Kohler kitchen faucet. That’s a must.

Romance Outdoors

There is a large number of Filipinos who live in the Western Hemisphere where there are the four seasons and of course winter being the coldest.

Those who return to their motherland, the Philippines often relate what it is like during the bitter cold winter months where they live. I always have fantasized about snow during winter as it is shown in images and in the Movies.

There is this Filipino who was talking about his outdoor fireplace and it made me wonder. How could it be done, outdoors? I suppose, sitting by an outdoor fireplace could add romance in the air too.

The Proud Mother-To-Be

I have a close friend who has begun her family with her first pregnancy. Whenever we meet she never fails to stop talking about whatever is on her mind as she looks forward to her joyous day.

She goes regularly for her pre-natal checks with her Gynaecologist. So far she is clear of any issue that would cause a concern.

Her Gynaecologist has her on prenexa reviews too. She is happy with it and what is important is that there exists confidence between she and her doctor.

The Certified Fashionable Chic is Back Yet Again!

As you can obviously see, I have reactivated my fourth blog which is The Certified Fashionable Chic over at thefabchic.com. It is a fashion blog where I share some of the girly and fashion stuffs. In going through the older posts, I have found out that one of the published articles which drew quite a number of commenters is the post on corsets where I featured the Queen of corset herself- Cathie Jung.

Here she is:

Like I have mentioned in my other blog, there are fashion icons who would die to have a very small waistline and certainly, corsets would often come to the rescue :-)

The Queen of Corsets in the photos above is sporting her waist which measures only 15 inches.

Now tell me… Would you love to have a similar waistline?