Am I lucky that I don’t sell products for a living?

One of my Office colleagues works as a part-time Insurance agent. Sometimes it is interesting to hear her talk about her sale experiences.

Not only does she meet potential Insurance buyers from various stations in life, she also gets a chance to know more about the aspirations and the struggle of people in general.

One of the biggest problem that she faces is when her customer asks a good deal about life insurance matters and she has to be knowledgeable and conversant about it.

The success of her sales pitch depends a great deal on her ability to come across convincingly that she knows her job as an Insurance Agent. In the short duration of conversation with her customer, she has to make her customer feel confident that she is the right person who will take care of their insurance matters.

It is so different from the kind of job that she and I perform at our Office.

Where Do I Go To Find Health Care Solutions?

I suppose I am like what it is to most others when it concerns what is the best alternatives for personal health care.

There have been several times when I bought a health care item only to find out later that it was not the solution. What a waste of money!?

Recommendations from experienced friends and medical professionals is obviously one of several ways to get it done right the first time. But then again…it is not always convenient especially when one is pressed for a quick solution.

Talking about quick solutions reminds me about maxoderm which a friend left with me in case I had time to read it up or whenever the need arises.

I think it is another good way to add to the range of solutions the next time I intend to find answers for my personal health care.

Going Through A Phase In Life

Eeeks! it is that horrible phase during the teen years for many. With the humid climate that we live in and the kind of cooked food that is either sold or cooked at home, what a torment it is to have acne.

During my High School years, I have seen some really bad cases of acne. The best acne cream that were available was not affordable to many students. Many relied on traditional cures instead.

For those who relied on traditional cures, it was a 50-50 chance that it would work. I have seen some where it even became worse.

Nowadays, these creams have become more affordable for those who are troubled with acne.

When Little Girls Play

Have you watched little girls play grown-ups? Ha ha ha. I did. It reminds me so much of what I once did before.

The little girls around our neighborhood would gather and decide what game we would play for the time we had together. We’d play hop scotch and skipping ropes.

There was this make-belief game we’d also play as units of “families”. Someone would be “dad” and “mom” and “baby” too. LOL!

Several times I played “mom” and had to go out to buy food at the market. That would mean carrying a handbag. It was definitely not Designer Handbags but just a paper bag to symbolize it.

Ah! and yes, “dad” would hand me some green leaves which was a token of cash to pay for fresh food at the market.

Funny isn’t it?

What are we doing to ensure our Quality of Life?

In this Age and time, when the level of pollution goes unchecked and hardly much is ever done by the authorities to hold it in abeyance for the preservation of quality of human life, I must say that we do need energy auditor certification.

That is one of the possible ways to get the awareness of how much damage is being done to our health and what risks we continuously expose ourselves to each day.

This should be enforced so that over time, it will discipline the general public to be mindful that life is precious and that remedial cost can be greatly reduced.

This is a growing challenge in every part of the World.

Events that are important for others to know

There are occasions in one’s life that deserves special merit. These are important milestones that relatives and friends will need to know about what is taking place in one’s life.

Take for example, I was shocked to find out 2 years later that I had a niece. My relative did not inform our family about her birth. We became aware about little Nadia only when they arrived at our front door.

This is one lesson that I learned about how important it is to promptly make birth announcements so that others will know about a happy occasion.

I would not wish that any of my children are left to chance to become known by our relatives and friends.

Kuerdas Band Major Still Confined at the Hospital

As I have written at my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, There Is No Equation for Suffering. The Kuerdas Band Major is still at the hospital since his confinement last Friday night. He is looked after by a urologist and an endocrinologist to put his UTI and blood sugar in check.

I can see how remorseful my brother is for neglecting his own health. Now he will have to suffer the consequences for not doing exercises everyday and for not keeping watch of his diet. Now I am sure he wouldn’t want to have those excesses to regain back his health.

While he was admitted at the hospital, the band have not cancelled their regular gigs. For the first time, they performed without the presence of their Band Major.

Well, they’ve got no choice. The show must continue while he is on his way to recovery.

What To Do With Wet Hands?

I attended a Seminar that was held at one of the upbeat local Hotels here. The Seminar was drab but thanks to the good food we were served, it made up for the time.

During our tea break, I entered the Ladies comfort room and only noticed that the house-keeping staff had not replenished tissue paper. My handbag was not with me as I had left it with a friend at the tea table.

Fortunately, this Hotel had installed hand dryers and that saved me from having to wipe my wet hands on my new dress. It is a splendid piece to have at my home kitchen.

I will have to discuss it with my mom to see if we can get one for our house.

The Amercian Ideals Permeates the Philippines

I live in the Philippines where the American Dream and the American Lifestyle and the American Language and the American Standards…. and I can just go on and on with this list of the American attributes have become a part and parcel of the Filipino aspiration.

The American engagement to liberate the Philippines from the wartime clutches of the Japanese Occupancy is how it all began and much of it continues to permeate the Filipino society till today.

Take for example, my beloved father would have chosen American Standard toilets without batting an eye or checking his wallet. It is the hallmark of quality product and is rivaled by none other for its hardware longevity, elegance and functionality.