What To Do With Your Unwanted Textbooks?

This is something common with most families. The children have finished with the need for last year’s textbooks. There are no younger siblings in the family that could find use for them at School. What do you do with these books thereafter?

There are ways to find good use for the unwanted text books. Such as donating them to the Salvation Army or giving them to a needy family whose child could use them while at School. Or if the books are not looking too worn and shabby, perhaps you could even sell textbooks at a local bookstore and get some money.

It is surely something worth considering.

COMELEC Personnel at the Kuerdas Gig

It was actually my cousin Ally’s farewell party. After a long day’s hard work, my co-workers and I went to play badminton as usual. It was already late in the evening but we were still all fired up to watch the Kuerdas gig at the Tropics Grill where Ally was scheduled to jam with the band.

It was actually my co-workers’ first time to watch Kuerdas live. They told me they all had a great time and they all want to watch Kuerdas gigs more often.

Oh well!

We have been very busy at work and the toxic schedule would have us going crazy. Going out at times to have a good time is a good and relaxing way to de-stress ourselves.

Love is sharing for Ewoks

Ewoks our pet “baby” in the family knows that he can always have his way. From his food to the choice seat while we are watching television. And he does not stop there, he wants to be carried and hugged too.

There is one place that Ewoks is stubborn and it is my bed! He curls up and goes to sleep at the center of my bed. That means I have to sleep alongside close to the edge of the bed and this is getting preposterous. It’s MY bed!

It is time that I shop around for pet beds and hopefully buy one that will suit Ewoks.

Once Ewoks gets his own bed, I can then have a restful sleep without the dread of falling onto the floor.

We Will Be Missing You, Ally!

Our cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder, was once a female lead vocals of Kuerdas. She was among one of the pioneering members of the band when it was just starting out.

When she told me she will be having her 10-day vacation, I was imagining her jamming again with the band like she used to do in the past.
Indeed, she was able to jam with the band in some of their gigs. When she took center stage, it is very obvious how she loves music. She was the same old, Ally who sings from the heart and who can play the guitar really well. Sure the audience shall miss her melodious voice.
The 10-day vacation is over and we could only wish it’s longer than that.
We will miss you, Bang and will always l0ok forward to your next homecoming!

Power outages here really sucks!

It is with howling difficulties that all Mindanoans suffer as we face a protracted and an indefinite period without prediction for our daily power supply. Needless to say it affects my ability to conduct my daily drops at Blogs and to do what is needed at this Blog.

This frustration extends with my daily chores at home and while at work. The losses accrued in the private sector must be running into the billions of Pesos.

The El Nino phenomena is not peculiar. It is not something that our Department of Energy awoke yesterday to realize what havoc it does to the climate. The water shortage for hydro-electricity and the resultant drastic shortage of Energy could have been alleviated with proper fore planning so that they don’t fry their eggs and everyone else’s eggs in the same basket.

They cannot deny that they know nothing about how to diversify our Energy sources. There are other alternatives and not rely on a sole source to generate Energy.

This mental ineptitude to pre-plan amongst our leaders is equally paralleled by their amazing personal resourcefulness when Emergency Funds is decreed as a stop-gap solution for the Energy crisis. You can bet your last dollar that their management of the Emergency Funds will be as transparent as Electricity. To put it real short, the Funds will be ZAPPED !

While all is being debated back and forth, nothing seems to illuminate these numbskulls to serve the nation before self.

With the limited hours available to use my Computer, I am restricted from replying to most Comments at my Blogs. Though my spirit is willing but the !*#!*^ power is weak!

Please be as patient as Mindanoans while our new millionaires who benefit from this Energy Crisis will hire witch doctors from Africa to invoke for bounteous rain in our region.

A Graceful Dream

It must be exhilarating to ski on snow mountain sides. I have watched some on the recent Winter Olympic Games and at the Movies too.

It seems so effortless, just gliding on two lengths of skis albeit without any mishap while doing so. It reminds me of how I used to roller skate when I was in Junior High but to be able to ski on snow – ah! that’s something totally different.

To be able to simulate that in the tropics where I live, it is something that nordic trac will make possible right in my living room.

I would love to ski. Hopefully I will have a chance to do it someday.

Heart Gel with Kuerdas @ Cassado Billiard Bar

Watch out for Kuerdas (Mark & Jay Son) accompanying Heart Gel at Cassado Billiard Bar on March 18, 2010.

The scheduled gig brought back the good old days when Kuerdas was just starting out. They had regular gigs at Cassado twice or thrice a week.
It also brought back memories of how Mark’s love story evolved with one of the girls he met at Cassado which later on became his long-time girlfriend.
The gig also features Ally who was once the female lead vocals so many years back.
So many things to look forward to for this event.
Be sure to mark your calendar folks!
See you there!

The Javanese women knew how

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror and pinched that extra cellulite at your waist?

Oh NO! you’d say to yourself in exasperation. It means have to do the treadmill all over again. Or the sit-ups. Ah! nasty, nasty. Not again!

Well, I heard from that the women folk in Java, Indonesia practice an traditional way to keep their waists slim. They wrap a long length of cloth around their mid section. Yeah, talk about a slimming body wrap method and they discovered it hundreds of years ago.

Interestingly enough, it works ideally for their women who are generally hailed as the most culturally beautiful women in the country.

The Bane of Ageing

You know how frantic a woman gets when her hair keeps falling. There are several reasons why this occurs and it ranges from genetic disorder to emotional stress and of course ageing.

Oh yes, women spend more importance on their hair care than their physical well being. Enter an hair beauty salon and what would you notice? Yes, I think you figured that out without needing my explanation.

Hair loss prevention is not to be diced with. No woman wishes to face the prospect of hair today, gone tomorrow. Proper diet, sufficient sleep and a balanced lifestyle are the basic prerequisites to ensure healthy hair growth.

Regrettably, that might not be enough for some who need advanced hair care.

Looks Do Count At First Sight

Just the other day, while I was visiting an old classmate, I noticed that her adolescent son had really grown. He looked physically so mature and well built.

After asking my classmate what it is that she feeds her son, she explained to me that his physical condition owed a lot to muscle supplements that he began taking about two years ago.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” I quipped. To me it seemed like an unnatural way to enhance the body balance.

She reassured me that if one consumes such products from reputed manufacturers and follows the prescription or advice from a qualified professional, there would be no bodily harm.

I must say that her son looked very macho for his age.