Kuerdas @ Robinsons Place for the Culmination of the Kalilangan Festival

Yes folks!

It was certainly one of the best gig performances of Kuerdas. Thanks to the huge crowd for making it a fun and truly a night of reggae party.
Not only were reggae enthusiasts were gathered for that event but also the Class A audience were able to see for themselves how people were dancing to the beat of reggae music.
Indeed, Kuerdas was able to reach out not only to the masses but also music lovers from all walks of life.

Busy Week for Kuerdas

With the onset of the Kalilangan Festival, it is expected that Kuerdas get their hands full. A number of Festival and non=festival related gigs were in queue. Of course the regular gig at Tropics is always there, Friday night, Jamaican Night.

We expect the Kuerdas Fanatics to be always there supporting us all the way. We have always been grateful for your overwhelming and and unfailing support.
Thank you and see you in all of Kuerdas gigs!

Kuerdas Performs at the Kalilangan Opening Night

Kuerdas was again tapped to perform by the San Miguel Corporation. This is in line with the opening activities of the Kalilangan Festival. But this time around to a different venue. The SMB Party Zone usually takes place at the Oval Plaza. But this year, SMB didn’t won the bid so they chose Robinson’s Mall to be the venue for this year’s Party Zone.
It was a night of fun and excitement. I was there and I was able to witness how much people were enthralled with the beat of reggae music.

I took advantage of this night to give Marjory a treat for her debut. She is our working student at home. I will write more about her on my other blog.

Anyways, we would like to thank the people who came over at the Robinson’s Place and jammed with Kuerdas music.

You certainly rock guys!

No Regrets!

As the band members get older each day, they also have to think what the future holds for them. I wonder of they have realized the importance of getting themselves insured. I told my mother it would be a lot better of she try handing them out life insurance quotes. It sure will keep their options open and make them realize that while they are still productive, the best thing to do is save up enough for their future by virtue of these stable insurances. They will reap in no time what they have sow and for sure, there would be no regrets!

Dancing For Cebu Inmates Suspended

Dancing of the famous Cebu City inmates have been suspended. It’s such a terrible news, isn’t it?

Cebu City Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia put on hold the dancing in public of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) inmates because of the arising speculations about where the donations for inmates have gone.

The inmates have become famous when their video for Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller” was posted in Youtube on 2007. They have become even more famous when Michael Jackson’s choreographer danced with them last month for MJ’s “This Is It” album. Their admirers have provided donations for them which were supposed to go to the inmates’ bank accounts. Apparently, there have been rumors that the money have gone somewhere else. Poor inmates. Now they have become victims of corruption.

I hope this is going to be straightened out sooner. Dancing is the thing that may have changed the inmates’ lives. I hope they give the credit to whom the credit is due. These government officials have never learned!

Teng On the Forefront

The former lead guitarist of the Band, Teng Yu, owns a number of pension houses here in the City. He is the one taking charge of them and plays with the band as a hobby and real passion.

January was the month for the renewal of business licenses here in the city. I understand Teng was under pressure. And they are about to build another pension house. I wonder if they have business insurance for all of their establishments.
Anyways, I am sad Teng bid goodbye. I am hoping he would one day change his mind though.

Kuerdas Back2Back with InterFaith Band At Robinson’s Tomorrow

Kuerdas will be playing tomorrow, February 20, Saturday – 8PM at Robinson’s Mall in General Santos City. The show is in line with the Kalilangan Festival which is an annual festivity in GenSan.

Tomorrow’s event is sponsored by SMB, General Santos City Office in cooperation with Robinson’s Mall. Kuerdas will be playing back to back with Interfaith Band. Whenever something like this comes up, I’m pretty sure the mall is also having Big Sale on their products!!!

Enjoy your shopping tomorrow at Robinson’s Mall and get entertained with Kuerdas’ r3eggae rhythms!


Refused To Learn…

I was just thinking about a gift to buy for my mom on her 63rd birthday this March. She actually asked for a digital camera. I’m having second thoughts. She refused to learn how to use the cellphone now she wants a digital camera. She actually have her own cellphone but she doesn’t use it. I still call my brothers whenever I needed to talk to her. I wonder if she’ll ever learn to use the digital camera. Lainy actually confirmed my doubts about my mom’s attitude towards learning to work on gadgets. I was thinking about bringing her to the dermatologist to have the best wrinkle treatment to get her relaxed instead.

But then, since she requested for the digital camera, I might as well give it to her. I just hope she’ll eventually learn how to use it.

Simon Cowell’s Top “Idol” Mentor Wishlist

The glam singer “Lady Gaga” topped Simon Cowell’s “American Idol” mentor wish list for the aspiring “Idol” contestants this year. According to him, Lady Gaga is “one of the most relevant artist in the world as of the moment”. And that she’s smart and he liked her.

I wonder what songs by Lady Gaga will the contestants choose to perform if she becomes the mentor. I am not too “gaga” over Lady Gaga but I like her because of her unique style.

I wonder who are the other mentors for this year’s Idol season.

No Place Like Home

The atmosphere here in Manila is really hot and the place seemed to be so polluted. I just miss the clean environment back in the province. I miss inhaling the warm breeze when I’m with family and friends having fun in a beach resort or just doing some nature tripping with friends. I really miss home and the band.

Life here in Manila is really stressful. Whenever you have to go to places or to other parts of Metro Manila, you must not go during rush hour or else you would have to deal with lots of people in public transportation. You wouldn’t want to sit beside someone who looked like he needed to have some natural acne treatment, do you? 😀 What a silly thought. But that’s really how it goes here. When you ride the train (LRT of MRT) during rush hour, you have to prepare yourself to get squeezed in the train. I am not exaggerating. LOL!

I still love the simple life back in the province. No traffic jam, not too much people, you can breathe the fresh air and I have my family and friends back there. Not to mention the band. If I am to choose between life here in Manila or home, I still would love to go back to my homeland. There’s really no place like home. 😀