A Room For The Band…

Lainy decided to have her room renovated few months ago. The living room where the band also do their practise sessions at got all filled up with Lainy’s stuffs during the course of the renovation. I hope she was able to have her closets redone so that her clothes, which needed bigger room, will fit on them. She also had her room repainted and the rocker switches changed. The band have to postpone their practises at that time to give way to the renovation. I even suggested to Lainy that she should have renovated the whole house so the band will have their own room where they can practise their songs. I bet the guys will love that. I hope she include a guest room where her visitors like me can sleep when I come to visit. Lol!

The Show – Lenka

I have been practicing this song called The Show by the australian artist – Lenka on my guitar. I might post my version of the song soon on my own blog. That’s something to watch for, ain’t it? Lol!

I hope you enjoy this week’s feature for Music Monday.

Here’s the song.

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Shopping Time For The Band!!!

Kuerdas band have left and right bookings of gigs this month. I was told that they even have conflicts of gigs sometimes that they have to choose which of those gigs give them better fee. I bet the boys have a lot of money this time of the year! I wish I am home so I can ask a treat from them!:D

The boys may be up for shopping to treat themselves by now. They must have been hearing the sound of the barcode scanners like music to their ears when they pay for their merchandises. Year-end sale is up to most malls nowadays so take advantage of that boys!

Congrats! I hope you guys will have more gigs to come this coming year!!!

Unkept Promise…

I was supposed to go with Michelle to meet up with an old friend, Racquel the other day. We have agreed to spend time together since we haven’t seen her for a while. I was supposed to get a relaxing massage with them in a spa near Racquel’s house. The spa according to her is affordable and is complete with jacuzzi and all, the pool may even have spa filters. Geez! I regret not being able to go with them! I was caught up with the party and bonding with colleagues that’s why. I think Racquel was pretty upset about my absence.

Racquel is a family friend. She has been friends with Michelle since childhood. She have married a millionaire and have been busy with her new house and business. We have been great friends when she was still single and even was our former housemate here in Makati before she got married. Even if she’s a bit disappointed with me, I still think she’s forgiven me for not keeping my promise to see her again. Peace Racquel! Love ya!

Aunt Rose’s Part Time Job

Aunt Rose has been doing a part time job as an insurance agent for years now. She’s been doing a great job since she have a lot of clients whom she was able to get signed up for an insurance plan. I am one of those that she have succeeded encourage to get a plan. She’s got convincing prowess that’s why she was able to get me to sign up. It’s always nice to be part of a life insurance lead nowadays. It’s better to invest on something like this rather than spend your money to things that’s not worth the spending. My mom have always told me to save something for my future. I think this is one of my best investments.

Kuerdas At Pasko Sa GenSan’s Opening Tonight!!!

Watch out for Kuerdas Band as they rock the night tonight with their reggae repertoire in the opening of Pasko Sa GenSan at SMB Party Zone.

Pasko Sa GenSan is the city’s annual event. A month of exciting programs are set for the Generals to enjoy and look forward to. Part of this year’s most awaited event of Pasko Sa GenSan is Sarah Geronimo’s concert as part of “The Next One” (Philippine Tour) which will be held on December 11 at the Lagao Gym.

Flea market at the oval plaza will also entice the Generals to shop there since they sell products which are at affordable prices.

This whole month will surely be filled with fun and excitement!

Be there at the SMB Party Zone to get a dose of reggae beat with Kuerdas tonight. Time to get irie, ya’ll!

Remembering Bora Getaway on ’07

I was browsing some pictures of Kuerdas on an online social network. I came across the photos from our Boracay getaway back in 2007. It was so much fun. I was already working as a call center agent back then and took sometime off just to be with my dear cousins and friends. I love the experience and I hope we can do something like that next time. Here are some of the photos.

Mark and Me


Enjoying the Sunset

Geez! I was a bit slimmer back then. How I wish I could get that same bod. I better get me some best diet supplements for a start. :)