Band Members Gaining Weight…

I was checking out the latest photos of the band today. I’m quite pleased with how Mark looked. He looked more handsome since he gained weight. He used to be so thin and not that appealing to the ladies.

On the other hand, I’m quite worried about other members of the band especially my cousin Jayson. He looked like he gained more weight as it appears on the photos. Hmm… He must be too lazy to workout as usual. If that’s the case, he should get himself a thermogenic fat burner to help him lose weight. I guess some other members need it too. Lol! Peace bros!

MM- Baby I Love Your Way

Baby I Love Your Way is one of my favorite reggae songs by Big Mountain. Kuerdas Band also include this song on their play list on some gigs.

I just want to share this for today’s Music Monday. I hope you guys also like it! Enjoy!


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Laughing Out Loud With The Boys

The boys in the band are really fun to be with. They crack jokes that will really make you laugh out loud and sunk to your knees most times. I actually miss those times, as usual. They’ve got a lot of funny lines and quotes. I’m just not sure if they have some insurance quotes that they talk about. But normally they laugh about funny experiences on and off the stage. They laugh at most of their mistakes onstage and some stuffs about women. As the saying goes, boys will always be boys.

When I get home, I’m sure they have a lot of fun stories to tell.

Kuerdas Schedule of Gigs

Watch for Kuerdas and enjoy a night of reggae beat!

I just thought of posting their gigs. If you have time, party with ’em, aight?

Kuerdas’ schedule of gigs:

Fridays at Tropicz Grill
Saturdays at Inasal de Cebu

October 27 – Araw ng Bula
October 30 – Octoberfest at Calumpang

One Love, One Heart! Jah bless!!! Enjoy!

Can’t Take It Back…

When I decided to leave the band because of work, I was really saddened because I am leaving behind what I love most. My passion which is singing and performing with Kuerdas. Yet I have to stick to my decision because I know it was for my own good. It’s just that it was really hard leaving behind the people you love and of course setting aside your passion.

I was actually hoping that I can still pursue singing here in Manila. Unfortunately, opportunity for a singing career never came. That’s why I whenever I chat with my cousins and know about their gigs and the fun they’re having, it makes me somehow regret my decision. But I cannot take it back anymore.

I just take advantage of the times that I am with them which seldom happens since I don’t go home that often. We only get to chat online through a live chat software. I content myself with that rather than spend too much money to buy for plane tickets. And sometimes I get to talk to my cousins over the phone. In those ways, I was able to know what’s going on with the band and with their lives.

I will always miss the band, ya know. And I get too sentimental sometimes when I think about the fun that I had when I was with them.

Memories of Kuerdas at Bora

Just last week I went out with a friend to see one of Kuerdas band’s favorite local bands – the Brownman Revival. I had a great time. It reminded me of our Boracay getaway last November of 2007. I was with Jayson, Mark and Dexter along with our friends. It was really memorable. We were even lucky to see Brownman Revival perform on our first night at Bora.
Here are some of our photos.

We really had fun under the sun!

And party with Brownman Revival’s reggae beat!

I just love this sunset photo taken by Jayson

The Stage Mom

There were a lot of people who have been behind Kuerdas. They have been there from when the band started and are still there for them up until now. These people have been very supportive and are always part of Kuerdas even though we don’t see them onstage. One of these people is Aunt Rose. She’s actually best known as Mama Rose on Lainy’s blogs. We tease her as the “stage Mother”.

Even though she’s too tired from working the whole day, she will push herself into being present at Kuerdas’ gigs. That would mean she will be very sleepy at work the next day. Lol! That’s what she gets for sleeping very late at night.

Even if my aunt gets too stressed out, she remains beautiful at her age. I bet she uses wrinkle cream as part of her beauty regimen.

Check this photo out!

My Aunt and Lainy in the middle of the crowd on one of the band’s gig

How cool is that? Miss you Tita!

Resident Author – Ally…

Hi everybody! This Ally of In The Eyes Of The Beholder taking over Kuerdas for a while. Lainy has to take a break from blogging due to health reasons. She’ll be back as soon as her health condition gets back to normal.

I used to be the band’s female vocalist. It was Jayson, Dexter, Mark and I who were the originals of the band. Reggae beat wasn’t that popular in our province when the four of us started doing gigs. So we mixed our play lists with some popular songs. Later on, after joining series of band competitions and being able to add some more members in the band, we decided to play just reggae songs. We became the first Reggae Band in General Santos City.

I had great times on and off the stage with the boys. They were family actually. It was so hard for me to leave when I decided to work here in Manila. Why? Because I know I’ll miss these creepy yet lovable boys! hahaha! That brought me goosebumps! But seriously, I miss the band. There were times that I wish I just stayed in the province and do gigs with them. It would have been nice. But then I can’t just leave work now.

I still get to jam with them whenever I take my vacations there. And each time I’m home, I really make the best of it! I thank them because they still let me sing with them! It is such an honor guys! Mind you, they have become popular in GenSan! I am so proud of you guys! I hope the band will have an opportunity to be known in the national music scene.

I am hoping to joining you guys on stage soon! That is if I decide to go home this year. Awww! I wish I can!

Anyways, to Lainy’s blog pals, allow me to be the resident author for the mean time. Please continue supporting this site despite Lainy’s absence.

Take care ya’ll!!!

Kuerdas Members Sporty???

Kuerdas members are actually sporty. It just isn’t obvious because most of them have big bellies. Their being sporty is not that athletic, though. They love sports just for the fun of it especially when these guys play together. You will really laugh so hard till your tummy aches.

The band’s lead guitarist – Agustin Yu used to be a Ping Pong athlete. I’m not exactly sure if he had a ping pong table set at his house but I remember him telling me that he plays the sport before. I wonder if he played with all the other guys in the band but I bet it’s a lot of fun if they did.

The band usually play basketball if they just choose to hang out. It’s some sort of a recreation to them. I just hope they still do it often so they won’t get any bigger when I get to see them.