Kuerdas Band has very hectic schedule these past weeks. They have scheduled gigs within GenSan and have bookings for out-of-town as well. The band has definitely become famous in Mindanao, aren’t they?

Anyways, most of the time, the band encounter problems with the transportation. Since they don’t have their own ride, they rent or the organizer arranges a transportation for them. The problem with that is sometimes the transport don’t get to them in time. They don’t want to be tagged as “unprofessional” because of that.

When I was still in the band, we used to dream of having not only rainsticks from guitar center but our own ride as well. With the band having a lot of gigs lately, I know they can afford to buy one. They can check out some spacious cars so that they won’t be late on any of their gigs.

Hectic Day

Earlier today, Kuerdas Band had its rehearsal in preparation for the scheduled out-of-town show in the City of Davao slated on October 2-3, 2009 for the Bikini Open 2009. The band was invited by Inasal De Cebu.
In the said event, the band is expected to set the mood for the reggae beach party-goers. To do so, the band had to practice and refine their line up. They also added a few songs in their line up. The keyboardist won’t be able to make it so they temporarily hired the services of their previous keyboardist Glen who felt very honored to be playing with the band once more.
The band shall travel Thursday night in preparation for the Friday Beach Reggae Party.
Bon Voyage, guys!

Kuerdas in Miami?

What if Kuerdas Band are to perform in the hotels in miami? Oh well, for now I find it impossible because they still are here in GenSan and they do not even have passports, LOL!

But who knows?
We can always expect the unexpected.
Kuerdas have always been all-time performers so I do not see it too impossible to happen. They will be going out-of-town in a few days and have been working double time. I wish them goodluck in their upcoming shows.
Long live, Kuerdas!

Drinking for 11 by Mad Caddies

This is one piece which is included in the Kuerdas line up. This is one of my personal favorites.

Drinking for eleven, that’s just what I do,
When I’m not with you, my heart goes to bed

End of the bar, that’s just where I’ll be,
Don’t try and come find me,
‘Cause I’m already dead

With one eye tied upon the open road,
I feel your presence and I can’t let it go
It moves so slowly as it creeps into my mind,
Steals every breath I have and leaves my heart behind

I wanna know what you’re feeling if you’re feeling alone,
I wanna hear if you still care
The last time I remember you was the last time I wasn’t scared

When the night starts fadin’ and the mornin’ arrives,
I wanna still feel you around
Will you creep into my head again and pick me up off the ground?
Once more, tell me what you’re fighting for


Gotta try, gotta try for tomorrow
you can’t see through today
Gotta try, gotta try for tomorrow
you can’t see through today
There’s nowhere left to stay

Sometimes I feel like I’m out here all alone,
Just one in a million stuck with no place left to go
Fear steps up to me with every move that I make
Following close behind my soul it wants to take

I am Going to Act Now!

I am not in my best state of health the past couple of weeks. The recurring spike in my blood pressures is keeping me worried. I don’t wanna have another trip in the hospital just like what happened in June. Burn out is killing me and the tight schedule at work is making it all the more difficult.
I just want to get protected and get myself another health plan. I have heard that Blue Cross NC works well for its clients. I have never heard anyone complaining so far so it must be giving its quality service to its clientele.
I don’t want to panic in times of crisis and emergencies so it’s better to get myself a new plan from them the soonest possible time.

Kuerdas @ The Jamaican Night

Thank God It’s Friday!
Kuerdas is once again inviting everyone to come party with them at Tropics Grill for the Jamaican Night. The band shall enliven the night with their own repertoire- reggae. Reggae music has definitely invaded the local music scene here in GenSan. Thanks to Kuerdas for introducing this kind of music.
See you all there and Jah Bless everyone!

Dentist Appointment

On October 3, I have an appointment with my new dentist. The trip to the dentist is actually long overdue. I have been suffering from abscess since May of this year but I had to postpone the extraction because of the trip I had in Agusan del Sur where I had to represent Region XII for the COMELEC Sports Fest where I had to play darts- Women category.
I have such high hopes with my new dentist. My previous dentist for more than a decade failed and disappointed me by giving some false findings. I never want to gamble again and somehow risk my life just because of medical malpractice. I am not sure if Plano cosmetic dentist is already available here in the city but I have heard such great things about them.
Oh well, I need to prepare myself for my dentist appointment come Saturday.
You wish me well everyone!

The Bar- 1st Reggae Band Showdown: Kuerdas Won 2nd Place!

Saturday Saved- The Best for Last #1
I was able to witness the 1st Reggae Band Showdown on September 12, Saturday, at RD Plaza. The event was hosted by The Bar, a product of Emperador Distillers. Ten of the best bands in Socsargen competed to gain recognition and honor for the first ever reggae band showdown in the city. Kuerdas Band, who is known for introducing reggae music in the city, deemed it best not to join the event because of two reasons:
  1. Conflict of schedule
  2. They were undermanned. The saxophonist and the keyboardist couldn’t make it to the said event.

However, due to constant urgings and proddings by the contest organizers, the Band Major said “YES” in support to the local reggae music scene. What they had in mind was that they will be on stage to participate and not to compete. They joined at the last minute, barely 24 hours before the scheduled competition.

On the night of the event, a draw lot was made to determine which band plays what number. They picked No. 5. Each of the contestants were asked to sing 3 songs each. When it was their turn to perform on stage, people had gone berserk and danced to the beat of reggae music. It was a real night of fun reggae party!
I felt proud that the band was able to perform their best even without the two band members. My mother and I thought that they have the big chance in getting the 1st prize. However, the judges have other things in mind. The points were so close. There were only .27% separating the 1st and 2nd winners.
The second prize went to Kuerdas with a score of 90. 33% while the first prize winner got 90.60%, who went to Las Kuridas. When the announcement was made, there was somehow a look of surprise on everyone’s faces and a moment of silence ensued.
The winner was asked to perform 6 songs. After their performance, the crowd couldn’t get enough of Kuerdas and they were expecting them to render their own version of that reggae beat and were shouting: “KUERDAS! KUERDAS! KUERDAS! The night ended with people dancing again to the beat of reggae music.
Congratulations to all winners!
Reggae rules!

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Kuerdas Is Always at Their Best!

Kuerdas is all geared up with its upcoming out-of-town show. Come October 2-3, 2009, they shall be performing in the opening of Inasal De Cebu at Davao City. No, no. It’s not at the Playa Del Carmen Mexico all inclusive… JUST YET! Wait till the band gets their booking from there, LOL!
Well, it’s not bad to aim that high, right? I always have faith with the band. They have been playing really great music and always at their performance level. I can’t wait till the female lead vocals, my cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder, rejoins them very soon. She will be going home for a vacation.
But not until she gets a laptop for herself, Sigh!
Anyways, I wish Kuerdas Band the best in every endeavor they wish to undertake.

The Key To Achieving What We Want

How to lose belly fat is what keeping the Kuerdas band major busy. Actually, not only him but also yours truly, hehehehe! We still haven’t exhausted all means to remedy our bulging tummies. I have been suggesting for the umpteen times that we dp regular exercises- briskwalking or playing badminton. But because of my rather tight schedule, I can’t seem to find the time. It’s like the cliche “The mind works but the body refuses to…”


I am still hopeful thought that we could find a way to resolve the issue of our bulging tummies. Keeping a close watch on our respective diets should also be considered.
These are the important keys to achieving what we want.