Kuerdas at Inasal De Cebu!

Yes guys! As I have mentioned in my previous post, I’ve got to update you with the gigs the band has the past couple of months.
Kuerdas Band shall be performing on Saturday nights at Inasal De Cebu at Calumpang, General Santos City. It shall be a real reggae party for everyone who wants to liven up the night with cool reggae music.
The band has been practicing heaps of late. The Kuerdas vocals even was a little worried of how he looked. He got even more skinnier and the acnes coming out of his face is a real reason for concern. He has been asking me of the best acne treatment and I simply told him he got to sleep early. He has been deprived of sleep and it’s not good for his voice.
Well, it is still up to him if he will heed my advice. It is still for his own good.

Please Stand By

I have no other things in mind right now other than to find a solution on how to fight my battle against bulges. Sure I have heard a lot of things about best weight loss supplement. But it would still be better if I can try one for myself. I wonder what the Kuerdas Band major has to say to this. His efforts in trimming down is not very evident as of yet.
Anyways, Kuerdas Band’s upcoming shows shall be posted here very soon. I haven’t got so much update about the Band. But suffice it to say that procrastination and laziness took its toll on me, LOL! Now I have to make it up. More gigs of the band shall be posted very soon.
Please stand by for more updates!