Music Monday- I Don’t Know How To Love Him- A.L. Webber

In many ways, we’d like to think that we are always in the driver’s seat; always in control of every situation. But much to our dismay, there were circumstances when things get out of hand and we can not have a hold over.

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Keep it Clean!

We got a househelp which I will be sending to school. She will be enrolling in first year High School. She will attend school every Sundays. The rest of the days, she will be at home doung stuffs. There aren’t much. She even goes home at night.
Today, I asked my brothers to help her in cleaning the spare room in the kitchen. They have to find a solution in cleaning up the moving boxes found there. Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed that when I go home for lunch everything is in order and clean.

MM- Officially Missing You- Tamia

I am feeling  a little bored and blue tonight. I am just glad Twinks is around to keep me company. I am on a reminiscing state- the good old days-my father, my “estranged” bestfriend, my classmates, my ex-boyfriends…

Mind you! There weren’t too many bfs to remember, I am telling you, haha! 

And oh! 
I miss Windy, too. He has been keeping me company and tonight is just one of those times I wish his presence would somehow bring back some smile on my face. He went to Indonesia and it isn’t possible for him to come online… 
All I did all night was listen to Tamia’s song “Officially Missing You”, this week’s featured song for Music Monday. I’ve missed doing this for two Mondays already. I am trying to keep up. 
Please do have a listen:
Lyrics | Tamia lyricsOfficially Missing You lyrics

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

Bag, Bags, Bags!

I have a fancy for bags. You won’t believe I own quite a number of them but I wasn’t able to use them all. Lately, I have been looking around for new designs that looks great but not too expensive. I was quite surprised that the type of bags that I want is a little expensive. Sigh!

I thought of the bags that were given to us by my cousin Ally when she went home for vacation last year. Those bags were truly lovely! And she boasted that she was able to purchase them at very affordable prices!

This made me decide to ask Ally if it would be fine by her if I send her money and purchase bags on my behalf and then have them all shipped here in GenSan. Fortunately, she gladly accepted. I hope she would be able to purchase wholesale handbags at very low prices. I can’t wait to see her great buys!

Grand Launching of Colinas Verdes in GenSan

Colinas Verdes Residential Estate by the Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Corporation is set to launch today at 2pm at Lagao, General Santos City just at the back of Robinsons Place. They are set to offer a different kind of fulfillment to the Generals’ dreams! 
This will be the first of its kind in the City of General Santos since it is located right at the very heart of the City and Colinas Verdes will be the first Gated Community! 
Watch out for its grand launching which will feature Yasmien Kurdi and Gensan’s best and your very own homegrown talent, Kuerdas
See you all there! 

Going under the Knife

Going under the knife have become the famous trend for a lot of well-off families. Celebrities are the ones known for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Gone are the days when an ondividual had to perspire a lot before they can lgaint he body that they want. Asking ffor the best diet pills is no longer needed.
It is a little hard to tell if someone had asome parts of his body changed.. The technology have made it a little difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish surgical from inborn beauty.

Puberty At Its Worse

Adolescence was the most crucial period in one’s life. It is a period where one is in a transition of physical and human development. The physical changes I went through when I was in my puberty stage was dreadful and horrible. I was 18 when pimples started to come out and I had the need to pull out the hairs in my underarms! It was really a pain in the neck!
I even went to a dermatologist to seek for help when my pimples ceased to be just ordinary pimples and I started getting acnes and scars for its remnants, She prescribed a lot of acne pills that work, so she said. But it turned out that none worked to my favor. Until such time that I’ve noticed, when I was growing up, the acnes just ceased showing up! They finally got tired of me and left me alone with the scars to remember with, hahaha!

Kuerdas at the Search for the SMB Swimwear Model 2009

Mark your calendar folks!
It is a date with Kuerdas along with the 10 sexy young women for the Search for SMB Swimwear Model 2009 at the Tierra Montana Hotel, National Highway, General Santos City. Incidentally, a couple of GenSan Bloggers are going to have their meet up at the said event. I can’t help but feel too giddy and excited. I so look forward for this event. Just the thought of meeting up again with the Sister Act Bloggers Tammy and Rosilie makes me very happy. Add to that the grand eyeball with long time blogging buddy Twinks, which to my surprise, was my neighbor all along, hahahaha! Of course, Star and Vynes will be around, too. I am expecting to have such a blast!
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Drive and Determination to Keeping Myself Fit and Healthy

I have mentioned to my co-worker Star that I really want to lose a few pounds. I want to get rid of the unwanted and excess bulges in my body especially in my tummy. I asked her if she would be willing to do briskwalking with me early in the morning of Saturdays. I was so glad when she answered in the affirmative.
I am so excited and giddy to do briskwalking early in the morning. I want to lose of the excesses doing the natural method. In fact, I have been doing more than fifty (50) sit ups a day! Yeahhh!!!! I’ve made it! I don’t want to resort to taking up phentermine . I hope my drive and determination to keeping myself fit and healthy will keep burning.

SMB Nite Cafe with Kuerdas

Kuerdas is inviting all Generals to come party with them tonight, May 1, 8pm at the Tiongson Arcade, Lagao famously known as Antipolo Barbeque Station. San Miguel Beer is hosting the said event, which incidentally is my mother’s birthday! Quite a handful of my mother’s relatives are here and they are staying the night to go watch Kuerdas live! 

More pics soon!