The Family’s New Baby

We just got a new two-year old Shih Tzu courtesy of the Kuerdas’ drummer’s girlfriend. We so adore the puppy and we welcome him to the family!
It is the first time that I have ever heard of a dog that belongs to the Shih Tzu family. It is a very small dog with very thick, silky fur. My mother is so in love with the little doggie. My brothers love to play with him on the dog ramps.
Ewoks is a very friendly lap dog. He wants to play all the time. We often miss him if we are unable to see him within just a few hours. That’s how inlove we are with our new baby!

Beach Reggae Party With Kuerdas

It has almost been a week since Kuerdas performed at the beach reggae party at the Dolores Tropicana Beach Resort for the the Bikini Open 2009. Mother and I were able to witness the performance and we were just too happy we came. We truly had a blast along with the mammoth crowd who danced and sang along with the beat of reggae music. 
Now I don’t want all hot talks which easily evaporates in thin airs. I will let the photos do the talking 😉

Can’t Force the Issue

I went to the mall today. I was at the furniture section looking out for a magazine rack and a bag hanger made of stainless steel backsplash. I was alone so I had a hard time thinking how I will be able to manage to bring it all by myself on my way home. I called up my brother if it is possible for him to go to the mall and help me out be he retorted back that he can’t. Well, I can not force the issue. It’s too heavy and there are other stuffs with me. I have to wait till my brother can go with me at the mall.

MM- I’m Walking on Sunshine- Aly & AJ

This week’s featured song fits entirely my emotions at this moment. I am definitely walking on sunshine. YES! I feel really, really good! I was able to retrieve my blog, Lainy’s Musings, and some progress at work is just making me feel so motivated and all fired up. I have been listening to this song for the second time now and it gives me such a very wonderful feeling. This must be one of the reasons why my cousin Ally chose this song as the title of her blog! 

Now I can not contain myself and I’d like it to share to everyone. Please do have a listen! 


Katrina And The Waves Lyrics

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Birthday Celebrations

In May, there will be quite a number of birthday celebrations. That would mean lots of sumptuous foods laid down on the table. And that also would mean Lainy won’t be able to keep watch of her diet, hahaha! 
Eating more than normal whenever there are occasions is OK but not to the point that I would again take into consideration taking on a diet pill to lose some weight. I want everything done naturally like getting a good exercise and keeping watch of my diet. 
Well , discipline and determination is the key here. 
Wish me luck, guys! 

Watch out for Kuerdas!

Tonight, Kuerdas is on a Jamaican Show yet again. Friday night is always Jamaican Night at Tropics Grill. It is the best time of the week to go out and have fun! After a long and exhausting week, we peepz deserve some fun. All work and no play makes us all dull people! 

Would that include me??? Of course not! Hahahaha!

We will be going out tomorrow for the Kuerdas performance at the Bikini Open 2009. Now I can seee you all are drooling! 

Watch out for that! 

Mark your calendars, folks!

April 18, 2009. Bikini Open at Dolores Tropicana Hotel and Beach Resort.

I Thank The Heavens!

I haven’t been to the hospital for three years. It’s not that I am wishing for it but I have noticed that the pace or trend of my hospitalization is three years. The last two times I was there was in 2003 and 2006. 

I hate it when I get confined! It’s because I am made to follow orders and I have no choice but to obey. In 2006, we had to make do with the available room which was semi-private. I hated the place because I had to share the room with two more patients and God knows why they are there for! 
Oh well, I was there for gatritis. But I have heard from the other patients there that one wass suffering from colon cancer and they have been talking about colon cleanser. I thank God mine was minor. 
Who would want to be inflicted with cancer? No one! 

MM- Waiting in Vain- Kuerdas

I have missed Music Monday last week. Blame it on my laziness, hahaha! This time, I am making sure I have one up. This week’s feature is Waiting in Vain which was originally sung by Bob Marley. Different renditions were done especially by Filipino artists. This song is also in the line up of Kuerdas. It’s reggae version brings a little different beat to it.
The video I am going to present makes it also very different. This is one of those unrehearsed performances made by Kuerdas with Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder and Yolafe, one of my counsins, too. 

Lyrics | Mymp lyricsWaiting In Vain lyrics

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Enough of Stress!

I had a hard time coping with my headache brought by stress and sleep deprivation. This week, I have suffered three to five times. I know this is leading to nowhere and it makes me very unhealthy. I am just grateful that it’s nothing worse like any other cancer ailments.

I haven’t been addicted to dropping cards as before. I can’t even complete the 300 drops for a day. Serves me well. I have had enough of stress to bother me.  Being healthy is my topmost priority. I need to check on my body clock and make sure that I get ample sleep, 6-8 hours of sleep daily. 

Healthy Regimen

My weight has skyrocketed from 45 kilos to 49 kilos. I know it is one reason for concern. I really have a hard time losing weight these days. Even if I don’t eact much, there’s no progress with my efforts. There is really a need for me to watch out my food intake. I don’t really go for  diet pills but if I get desperate, I might just opt to take one for myself. But for now, I need to watch out my diet and I am now taking into  consideration enorolling back in gym classes and playing badminton. That will sure be a good start to have a healthy regimen. 

Wish me luck, guys!