MM- Excuses- Kuerdas

This week’s featured song is an original Kuerdas composition entitled Excuses.  This song has an upbeat reggae beat and has been the band’s entry when they were nominated for two consecutive years to the Muzika Del Sur Mindanao Music Awards (2007 and 2008). It was last year when the band was nominated yet again for the second time for the 2nd Mindanao Music Awards. Kuerdas was the lone nominee from General Santos City for the Best in Ragga category.

It was a day to remember
When you bumped into my life
It never came into my mind
That there will be you and me.
We started as friends
I just wondered why, why???
I make excuses just to see you
Excuses I never knew
Make excuses just to see you
I never knew
You feel the same way, too.
I never imagined what love is
How it started and when it came
A feeling so hard to explain
I never knew, you feel the same way too
We started as friends
I just wondered why, why???
(Repeat Chorus)
Now we’re together, hope we’ll stay forever
The night is fine, let’s drink a bottle of wine.
Dance to the moonlight, for us to reunite
Can’t you feel it baby? Hope you’re ready.
Feel the heat, its time to make you sweat
Hold me tight and let’s make love tonight.
(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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