Saving Up Emough Money for a New Couch

I have blogged in more than one occasion that I purchased a couch in 2006. It was worth quite a big amount of money. Three years later, the couch looked  overused, old and I think the purchase of a new one is necesary. My brothers have seaselessly mentioned to me about patio furniture. Well I know it would cost quite a lot of money but I am contemplating of starting to save up enough money for me to be able to purchase a new one. 

Kuerdas is on a Roll!

Yeah! Kuerdas shall be peforming tonight for the culmination of GenSan’s Kalilangan Festival Celebration. It is again expected that the Generals will be flocking the streets for the event. It has become a tradition that whenever special occasions such as this, Kuerdas Band is always expected to start off and close the event. The generals knew this as a ritual for the SMB Street Party. The band haven’t confirmed its presence on stage not until a good replacement to play the drums was found. Luckily, two drummer boys shall be jammin’ for the event. These two drummers have been doing great at practice and the Band is looking forward to have an exciting performance with them tonight.

And Oh! The group is slated to come back on stage again tomorrow night at the SMB Party Zone. Don’t miss the fun and be sure to be there! 

Save Time and Effort

I have been contemplating of purchasing a custom rubber stamp. I badly need it everytime I exercise my church obligations every Sunday. There were forms needed to be filled and I am getting tired of writing my long name on the forms each time. I have been canvassing and the best that I have found  here in our area costs almost $10. That isn’t too bad. At least I will be saving ample time and energy in writing my name everytime. 

Kuerdas for the Bikini Open 2009

Summer is fast approaching and Kuerdas is now preparing and getting themselves ready for the upcoming Bikini Grind 2009. Not so much preparations though except for the Band Major who needs to trim down a little and take in some natural appetite suppressant. Other than that, the group needs to have some good practice. With a new member in their wings, they need to get that rhythm. 
Well, I am sure a lot of eyes and spectators will be glued on the new drummer. I hope he will make good. 
To Kuerdas, good luck to you guys and behave on practice, OK? LOL! 

Kuerdas’ Out of Town Shows

There were two occasions when Kuerdas had two major performances ouf of town. Well, there were too many performances to mention but only two stood out that needed Suburban extended stay hotel. One was in Agusan Del Sur and the other was not too far. It was only in Koronadal City. These two performance required long hours of travel on the road. The band can not sacrifice their lives by letting the driver drive them in the wee hours in the morning when he is too sleepy. They had no other recourse but to stay up the night in a hotel. 

Kuerdas @ the Kalilangan SMB Party Zone Tonight

I thought Kuerdas won’t be able to make it for the Kalilangan Festival Celebration. But hey! They are just too brilliant to be stopped! Hehe! The new drummer’s pace is fast. And he got a really good back up just in case he forgets some of his beats. They will be on stage tonight at the San Miguel Beer (SMB) Street Party. 

Kuerdas is in for a really huge challenge. All eyes will be on the new drummer boy. His persistence and patience is admirable! I hope he could keep up with the rest of the members or is it the other way around? LOL!

Anways, be sure to be there at the band’s show tonite. I hope the weather would cooperate…. See you all there! 

Yoyo Diet

At work yesterday, one co-worker brought a magazine which we all had the chance to read and talk about. One topic that caught our fancy was some of the health abuses we do to our body which later on will have some adverse effects to our physical health. The disadvantages of yo-yo diet was also explained. Since too many people have been indulging on  weight loss pills this days, the author deemed it best to emphasize that maintaing ones weight at a certain level is better than having to keep it up and down. 

Music Monday- How Can I Fall- Breathe

Today is another edition of Music Monday. I will be featuring another lovesong for the last Monday of February. How Can I Fall by Breathe was very popular in the 19980’s. It was one of the few songs I know how to sing when I was still in Grade 3! The melody and the lyrics sounds so great to my very young ears at the time. I could still hear this song being played on air on rare occasions.
Be enthralled by this song as you listen to it one more time!


Breathe - How Can I Fall lyrics

Give me time to care, the moments here for us to share
Still my heart is not always there
What more can I say to you
Could I lie to you, I'm just too weak to face the truth
Now I know I should make a move
What more can I say

How can I fall, how can I fall
When you just won't give me reasons
When you just won't give me reasons at all
When all faith is gone, I fight myself to carry on
Yet I know of the harm I do, what more can I say to you
Now I hold this line, I know the choice to leave is mine
I can't help what I feel inside
What more can I say

How can I fall, how can I fall
When you just won't give me reasons
When you just won't give me reasons at all

I'll follow through, I'll see I do
When the time is more right for you
I'll make that move, and when I do
Will I doubt again, the way I do

How can I fall, how can I fall
When you just won't give me reasons at all

How can I fall, how can I fall
When you just won't give me reasons
When you just won't give me reasons

How can I fall, how can I fall
When you just won't give me reasons
When you just won't give me reasons
Just won't give me reasons
Just won't give me reasons at all

How can I fall, I fall, I fall
How can I fall for you
How can I fall, how can I fall
When you just won't give me reasons
When you just won't give me reasons

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Benefits of Wines

I am no drinker. I don’t even drink occasionally. Would that make me a persona non grata? Well, I hope not. My brother next to me who is the Kuerdas Band Major doesn’t drink too. But the youngest brother, the Kuerdas vocals, is an occasional drinker. He is too friendly and accommodating that refusal of an offer even just a glass of drink is hard to do. Yes, and he is very well versed on the wine of the month. I really wonder what is it. Oh well, I guess I have to research on that one. I just actually heard him talking with his friends. They were talking about the different kinds of wines and its benefits. Oh how ignorant I am! Well, I hope it is still not too late to learn many things, hehe. I will start off my research now.

Off I go everyone!

Kuerdas: Resident Band @ Windmill on the Hill

If there’s someone who deserves so much accolade and adoration for giving life to this blog, it would be Windmill of Windmill on the Hill. Since Kuerdas’ deletion at EntreCard, he never fails to take a peek at this blog day in and day out, which obviously kept this blog alive and kicking!

And here’s more! 

On February 12, 2009, he declared that Kuerdas shall be his blog’s resident band! YAY! He even placed the Kuerdas avatar at his blog’s sidebar!

Isn’t that cool and wonderful?
Thank you so much, Windy for being such a sweet blogger friend that you are! I owe you so much! 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos