Kuerdas Band Major Featured at Ally’s Blog

I still haven’t talked about my younger brother Jay Son. Oh, I have referred to him in many occasions but it’s all about his failure attempt at losing weight, haha! He is no less than the Kuerdas Band Major and is one year my junior. He’s the contact person for all Kuerdas gigs and responsible for all negotiations concerning bookings, professional fess and stuffs like that.

Jay Son, Kuerdas Band Major playing rhythms guitar

Well, I still haven’t talked much about him here. But since his name was all over my cousin Ally’s second blog, I’m Walking on Sunshine, I deemed it best to make mention of how his passion for music has influenced my talented cousin Allena.

Here are some excerpts from her blog:

I learned playing the guitar when I was 17. Thanks to my cousin Jay Son, who is Ellaine‘s younger brother. He was the one who taught me the basics of playing the guitar and other musical instruments like flute, tambol and bass guitar. He was basically the one who influenced me and encouraged me to hone my craft in music. He kept on telling me that I was a fast learner that is why he is so fond of teaching me. I got more enthusiastic because he kept on praising me every time I learned a song. Not only did he teach me the basics of music, he also brought me along on his cultural band at that time. My interest grew intensely when Kuya decided that we should form a Band. That is when Kuerdas was born. It is the band I grew up with. With the help of our friends and families and those people who believed on our talents, Kuerdas is now famous in our hometown – General Santos City.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to play with them anymore because I decided to get myself a job here in Manila. I can only jam with them when I take my vacations there. I miss the band so much especially Kuya Jay Son. He is not just my cousin but he’s also my mentor and friend. Everyone of us in the band look up to him and respect him. He’s like the Big Brother of the band. He’s not strict nor linient. He’s even funny. He can make you laugh so hard that you would want to cry!

I love my Kuya Jay Son no matter what. And I owe him a lot, together with all the people who have been part of Kuerdas (not just the band members but also those who were behind Kuerdas – you know who you are!). I owe a lot from you guys. I won’t be the person I am now if not because of you. I can really tell that Kuerdas have played a major role in my life. The band is not just all about playing reggae music but it is also about fun and loving and caring. We were family.”

Allena with Kuerdas

I’m sure my brother was smiling with a fast heartbeat reading this one. It’s not everyday that you get to hear praises and appreciation from people. He earned all of it by sharing his skills and talents and by honing theirs crafts together thereby making a difference and touching each other’s lives.

Skillful Bro

My youngest brother who is the Kuerdas vocals is actually a graduate of a computer course. I have imagined him doing some technical and programming jobs but his passion for music has won over the degree he got from college. I still would want to see him taking into practice what he had learned in the four corners of the classroom, if ever there is any, haha! I didn’t see him quite serious with his studies. He was the happy-go-lucky type of person. But I admire his skills for anything. He is a reliable person when it comes to electronics and carpentry. Such skills he will be needing when he wants to pursue employment outside the Philippine shores.

Kuerdas @ Pacquiao’s Birthday Celebration

Today is a night of merrymaking for the Generals. Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio is celebrating a lavish birthday together with his invited guests from all over the country. While the VIP’s shall have a night of sumptuous foods laid down on the table and a night of wine drinking at the Las Vegas-inspired venue for the party, the general public shall have a share of the celebration via packed meals and get to enjoy the performances of showbiz personalities and homegrown talents like Kuerdas.

Yes guys! Kuerdas will be there, too! Please come and party with them as they liven up the night in celebration of the country’s boxing hero and GenSan’s pride!

A Failure Attempt

I have talked in the past that the Kuerdas band major needs to trim down. Well, I am talking of the present and the urgency for him to lose quite a few pounds is getting intense. Why not? It doesn’t look too good on stage. He went to the gym a couple of months back in an attempt to trim down but it was a failure attempt. He wasn’t too consistent. He would oftentimes fail to go to the gym. Maybe he was too reliant on diet pills. Well, it is up for him. If he thinks he looks good with his current weight, he is totally wrong! ๐Ÿ˜‰ PEACE brother! Hehehe!

Marriage Proposal in Public Goes Terribly Wrong

I feel good for having stayed home today because it’s a holiday! Yay! I always pray that there would be more holidays to come, haha! I feel great spending much of my time going through blogs and commenting. I was moving like a turtle, no need to rush. Similar to that of a slow motion picture, hehe!

While I was biding my time surfing, I was able to come across these two videos at You Tube. The guys in the videos suffered the same fate. They both proposed marriage in public and were turned down! What a very sad incident!

What if my brothers do the same gesture in one of the Kuerdas shows and got turned down? Oh! What a shame!

Busy Week for Kuerdas

Last week had been a very hectic week for Kuerdas. Bookings here and there had kept them preoccupied. On November 29, they had to frontact for the popular band Sugarfree during the culmination of the Munato Festival in the Province of Sarangani. They were able to perform along with the other homegrown talents in the region. On weeknights, they have their regular gigs and some special bookings at some of the bars here in the City (Dry Dock).

December has always been a fruitful and productive month for Kuerdas. That’s the advantage of having an established name here in the region. Word of mouth travel fast. The band is aware though that it isn’t forever. But as long as they are here and the people loves their brand of music, they will remain to be the region’s number one reggae band ๐Ÿ˜‰


My brother next to me will be celebrating his birthday a month from now. He was asking only of sports gifts. He doesn’t want us to have any preparations at all. We usually would go to the beach everytime he gets a year older. I wonder why he would love to receive such gift. He is not the athletic type. He keeps missing his sessions at the gym. But at least he was trying though. It helps prevent the frequent asthma attacks. At least with the gifts, there’s some signs of him to at least do some moves to help himself in getting less frequent asthma attacks.

The Dream Match: Pacquiao Knocks Out De La Hoya!

The above title post is what we all Filipinos exactly wanted to see in the papers after the fight tomorrow, December 7, 2008, Philippine time. Pacquiao is obviously the underdog in this fight dubbed as the Dream Match. Even up to this time, just a few hours before the long awaited match, De la Hoya remains to be the overwhelming favorite. And why not? Pacman is undersized! De La Hoya refers to this match as the “biggest fight of his life” and for him, this is now the chance to beat the present pound-for-pound fighter.

Statistics and analysis by boxing experts have proved that this match is a fight like no other. I won’t fuel more fire to the drama. Everything will unfold tomorrow as the two sports stars shall measure up with each other’s strengths and skills.

Even without looking at the stats, I will be rooting for Pacquiao because we both came from the same hometown- the home of Champions- General Santos City.

Let us all pray for our fellow Filipino. Let us all pray for Pacquiao!

Naughty Brothers

As always, the topic on music is never-ending for my brothers. The living room set that I bought in 2006 is now a little torn. My brothers are always naughty. Everytime they see an appliance in the house that seems old and needs changing, they would always ask me to purchase a new one. I would always nag and say “You do the purchase this time…”. I love purchasing new items for our home but I get discouraged sometimes when they do not take care of the items.

Kuerdas Opens Paskuhan sa Gensan

Paskuhan sa Gensan is an annual event which takes place every December in General Santos City. The Generals have been flocking the malls during these period doing the holiday rush that’s why the Local Government of General Santos made life a lot easier for its constituents by having Paskuhan Sa Gensan wherein flea markets are opened and night life liven up. The opening of the occasion kicked off by a grand fireworks display and reggae party to the tune of Kuerdas music.