Government Service Sucks!

I went with my brother when he got his driver’s license. It’s because too many people are lining up on queue. Knowing government service, you can’t be accommodated if you don’t know someone from there. So I went along with my brother and introduced him to one of my high school classmates who’s working at the Land Transportation Office.

My brother haven’t been to a truck driving school but he knows how to drive 4-wheeled vehicles. He was very eager and persistent in learning. My brother only got his license two weeks ago. Good thing I know someone from the LTO!

Friday Blast @ Kuerdas Gig

We had a blast last night at the SMB Street Party where Kuerdas again conquered one of the major streets in the city. San Miguel Beer’s Oktoberfest (Umaapaw ang Saya!) had 2 major events last night. Rivermaya performed at the East Asia Royale Hotel at a foam party and Kuerdas Band at the street party. Despite the weather being unpredictable, people weren’t prevented from going out on a drizzling Friday night. They came and were all upbeat in dancing to the beat of Kuerdas music- reggae music at its finest!

Do take a glimpse at one of the band’s energetic performance:

Struggling in Losing Weight?

When it comes to trimming down, I have heard that alli does wonders. It sounds like my cousin’s name but it is not, hehe! It works in miraculous ways that people who has tried it testifies that when weight becomes a struggle, it is the best because it is safe, quick and affordable. It has proven to be very effective to a lot of people. Trying it would be all worth your while!

Planning To Watch Kuerdas Gig

Friday is my favorite day of the week. It gives me a chance to either stay up late or be in bed very early than usual and have the luxury of getting up too late than normal. Normal to me is between 3 to 4 a.m. Apart from this, my mother and I can watch Kuerdas gig and we won’t have to worry if we go home late (early dawn) because it would be Saturday the next day and we don’t have the need to report for work.

My mother is planning to watch my brothers tonight for the SMB Street Party in celebration of SMB’s Oktoberfest, the biggest and the grandest fiesta in the Philippines (Umaapaw ang saya!). My mother is known to be the no. 1 fan of Kuerdas and she is such a great stage mother. I couldn’t let her watch alone so mother and daughter will go together ;-).

Paying Post Is For Real!

Blog advertising network

Paying Post is the only second company that I have submitted this blog which adheres to advertising on blogs. I have actually submitted all my three blogs and luckily got them all approved. When I signed up for Paying Post a couple of weeks back, I was not too excited at first. I was thinking this will just be like one of those companies I have submitted my blogs on and I have never heard of them until now. But to my surprise, I got all my blogs approved the next day after I submitted them. Honestly, I am not too adamant when I have to chase for opportunities. But with Paying Post, I am very much motivated to look for opportunities because of the offers. They are just too tempting and hard to resist! It shows huge potential and I will bet my life on it- Paing Post is for real and it is the next big thing in the blogosphere! Before we know it, bloggers will be talking more of them.

Getting paid to blog is an endeavor I have loved doing since it gives me an opportunity to earn while at the same time doing what I love to do. Blogging for me is one way of de-stressing myself up after a day’s hard work. It has become a venue where I could easily rave and rant. That is one of the perks of free speech.

I am thankful Paying Post is here! I can’t wait to see it grow! What makes it different from the rest of any other companies that is into Blog Marketing is that their opportunity creation fee is 50% less compared to their competitors! Is it not great?

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, submit your blogs and earn extra by simply writing for Paying Post!


Kuerdas @ SMB Street Party, Friday, Nov. 28

San Miguel Beer’s Octoberfest is being celebrated for 120-long days. It’s the first of it’s kind in the country. Kuerdas will again grace the shows of SMB’s celebration as they will be performing at tomorrow’s Street Party, Friday night at South Osmeña. The venue shall be closed to public vehicles but shall be open for party-goers with no entrance free. They will get to enjoy reggae music at its best!

See you all there!

Wishing of the Impossible

My brothers want to have our own music room and home theater. Being in a band, it is important for them to have a special room wherein they could get to see live performances of various artists and a room to store the band’s musical intruments. But they have been wishing of the impossible. It is because we have very limited space at home and even without these rooms occupying our house, we could hardly move, how much more if we get to accommodate these two additional rooms? Not unless we do the renovation of the house and build a second storey to accommodate these two additional rooms. What do you think?

The Sexiest Woman in the World

And the sexiest woman in the world is…


Kurkova, a Czech-born model, was named the sexiest woman by E! Entretainment Television on top of many other beautiful and sexy women besting out the sexy Victoria Secret’s models Giselle Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum and the famous Angelina Jolie.

VIEW more of Kurkova’s gallery of sexy photos HERE.

The complete top 10 of E!’s Sexiest Women In The World:

2. Bar Rafaeli
9. Manuela Arcuri

What Kuerdas Vocalist Wants

If there is one thing other then musical instruments that Kuerdas finds very interesting and a must for them, it is owning ipods. My youngest brother has been asking his girlfriend for a present when she comes home from Manila. All he really wants is an ipod because the one he has now is quite old and oudated. Well, I am sure my brother is already very excited and he can’t wait for December to come!