The Rings

A ring symbolizes many things for lovers. It could be a pact or a commitment to love each other for life- to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better and for worse, till death do them part. The rings you can see above are the rings of our youngest brother and his girlfriend named Sarah. It is a symbol of their love for each other. I don’t particularly know when was the time they’ve both agreed to a commitment but for sure I am wishing the two of them well. When can I see you guys wear those engagement rings?

Reggae Music and Reggae Artists

Reggae or ragga is a genre that has grown out of other several music types like ska and mento, and Ameican R&B. “Reggae is characterized by a heavy backbeated rhythm, meaning the emphasis of the beat is on, for example, beats 2 and 4, when in 4/4 time. This backbeat is characteristic of all African-based musics and is not found in traditional European or Asian music. Reggae drummers also emphasize the third beat when in 4/4 time with a kick to the bass drum.”(

Bob Marley is the most famous reggae artist. He was able to capture the hearts of reggae fans around the world. He is the only man responsible for spreading out reggae music worldwide. Many other artists, including Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh, were also integral to the spread of the genre.

Kuerdas at Washington DC, USA

What if Kuerdas have a performance at Washington D.C., United States of America and you are a blogger that resides from there, would you care to come and watch them perform live? I hope you will. It is just a big WHAT IF though, hahaha! It will be a dream come true for the band just in case. They will get to enjoy the place and visit the Washington DC dentist. It is one of those rare chances to have their teeth have a check by a foreign dentist, hehe! My thoughts are running wild tonight, huh! Ohh, please bear with me. I am floating in the air and I feel so groggy! I just got back from attending the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit. It has been a long day and I am so so tired.

Till tomorrow! Goodnight everyone!

Parents of Today’s Generation

When I was born and my two younger brothers who are Kuerdas members, our parents were able to make do with an odinary stroller made out of rattan wood. That was back then when people were not so techy and modern. But most of the parents of today’s generation always shop by brand and they always choose Maclaren stroller. Various types of strollers that may catch parents’ fancy are available all at very affordable prices. I would highly recommend Maclarens especially to my friends who savored the joy of parenthood just a few days ago.

Lost Cellphone

My brother not only lost his friendster account. He also lost his cellphone in one of their gigs last week. What a sorry loss that was! He can’t remember where he placed the cp before they came up the stage. When badluck hits, it’s really bad luck. When I asked my younger brother how it happened, I was laughing my heart out by his answer. He just said: “I do not know the exact details but I have already informed the FM stations about it and asked whoever found the Kuerdas cellphone, please return it because our mother’s photo is there.” 😉


When I took baking classes last quarter of last year, I have learned to bake quite a few sweet recipes including egg pie, cakes, pastries and the like. Pumpkin pie isn’t included in the list though. Out of curiosity, I’ve asked my good friend Ivy of the Designer’s Chick what is a pumpkin pie and she showed me a photo that looks like an egg pie especially the sidings.

Take a look at the pic:

It sure looks so yummy! I will have to look a recipe for that one so I could experiment again, hahaha!

Kuerdas Friendster Account Confirmed to be Hacked

I have previously raved about Kuerdas Friendster Account Gone Forever. We gave up on just getting it back. But a few days ago, a text message from my brother’s girlfriend gave us the shock of our lives. She told us that all the entries in the former Kuerdas profile were changed, all photos were deleted. The name was likewise changed. I was so furious I nagged at my brothers. They knew about it but didn’t do a single thing!

They immediately created a new account and I instructed them to add the friend’s links in their previous account and send a message in the bulletin that the former account should be deleted in their list as it was stolen from them.

I don’t know what got into me last night but out of real exasperation, I have sent a message to that a**hole. I knew I couldn’t resolve the situation by doing that but I’ve felt I just needed to do it. Sigh!

Kuerdas @ OktoberFest Street Party

October is feast month here in the country. It is the largest and the grandest party in the Philippines. The nationwide kick-off party on September 5 was a blast. Here in the city, Kuerdas performed to officialy signal the start of San Miguel Oktoberfest.

Tonight, San Miguel Oktoberfest Street Party is at Popsies Diner here in GenSan. We are inviting our fellow Generals to come party with us again. Liven up the night with reggae music- at its best!


We are on the look out for the best solution for my brother’s condition. His weight is a reason for concern. My mother would usually nag at him for his lack of discipline especially in his eating habits. We have heard from diet pill reviews and I think my brother really needs to make full use of it. It is high time he inject the word discipline in his life or else he will suffer.

EntreCard Failure

Just like yesterday, while doing my daily drops, I couldn’t open the EntreCard inbox. I am still not done dropping cards for this blog. It is too frustrating! Yesterday, I wasn’t able to drop cards for my fourth blog because of similar problem. I thought it’s only my server acting up again but a friend confirmed to me that indeed, EntreCard is having some problems. I hope everything will return to normal soon as I am getting itchy to have my drops completed to 300, haha! That’s even with me suffering from stiffneck, huh!