2nd Roots Art Reggae Festival

The Second Roots Art Reggae Festival for this year was a huge success. Kuerdas is proud to have taken part in the said event. Various reggae artists from different cities showcased their own brand of music.

They are the following:

  1. Arangkagana
  2. Comradz
  3. Kalumon Performing Ensemble
  4. Katribu
  5. Kuerdas
  6. Manong’s Island
  7. Reggal
  8. P.L.O.

Special performances from Rolly Maligad of Cocojam and Rene Chong of Reggae Mistress highlighted the event. The Festival was graced by the electrifying performance by no less than the Tropical Depression. They performed almost all of their famous hits like Kapayapaan and Bilog among others. Many people had fun and it turned out to be a real feast of dancing, singing, fun and of course the wine of the month club is there to keep everyone up to their feet.

Kuerdas to Perform at Roots Art Reggae Fest 2008

On September 23, Kuerdas shall be performing at the Matina Town Square, Matina, Davao City for the Roots Art Reggae Festival 2008. Popong Landero, the organizer of the said event and the first awardee for the Best in Ragga Artist of the Mindanao Music Awards 2007 , extended his invitation to the group.
Here’s the content of his invitation letter:

Jah love!

Due to insistent public demand we are bringing back this year the Roots-Arts-Reggae Festival and would like to invite KUERDAS to take part. We will be working with more groups to make this an artists’ community event promoting the spirit of Artists Helping Artists which is the essence of putting up the Matina Town Square(MTS). We would like to share this experience in time for the MTS’s
8th anniversary.

The festival will be on September 23, a Tuesday.
We would like to hear from you the soonest your reply.

Spread the news!

Popong Landero

The group confirmed its participation to the event upon receipt of the invitation. Kuerdas always has been very supportive of endeavors of this kind. The band is set to jump off for Davao City tomorrow and I will be going with them, hehehe! I can’t wait to see them perform on stage again bringing pride to it’ s city of origin.

No doubt, Kuerdas is a true blue homegrown talent of General Santos City.

Moving Services

When my brothers were still toddlers, we have been transferring from one residence to another. I can still vividly remember how taxing moving was! Being the eldest, I need to help my parents in preparing those things and see to it that all are ready before the jeepney we hired arrive. But with moving companies that abound in these recent and modern times, moving and packing is no longer a pain in the neck. Everything is now being done in the simplest and smoothest manner.

Kuerdas’ Friendster Account Gone Forever

My brothers were ranting last night. They couldn’t access their Friendster account anymore. There are only the 3 of us who knows the log in details- my two younger brothers and me. When I tried to log in, I can’t. I tried to retrieve the password via the email address, it isn’t possible as well. When I checked the Kuerdas’ URL: http://profiles.friendster.com/kuerdas. last log in date was September 13.

We were really feeling so down as that account was created in 2004 and there were more than a thousand friends added in their list. I think they have no other recourse but to create another account again. Too bad because they will be starting from scratch. We really have no idea what happened.

Anyone out there who would like to enlighten us?

Kuerdas Band Major is Overweight

The Kuerdas rhythm guitarist and considered to be the band major is the brother next to me. He has accumulated too much weight in the past couple of years and losing weight has been a struggle. He has tried different kinds of weight loss pills but the effort were futile. He does not have the self- discipline by containing himself from eating too much. He doesn’t have any vices. His only problem is that he can not resist himself from being a big glutton, hahaha!

Alexa Traffic Report for Kuerdas

After barely three months of getting it’s own domain, Kuerdas’ traffic has skyrocketed to a figure I haven’t ever imagined. I haven’t been following this blog’s progress but when Google ranked this blog a couple of days ago, I took time to check this blog’s Alexa traffic and I was kind of surprised because Kuerdas.com now has a traffic rank of 273,630.

I attribute this blog’s progress to my regular droppers who never failed to drop their cards daily. I always see to it that I drop 300 cards for this blog everyday and that’s without fail. Though Entrecard stats has been very erratic, I think my dropping cards to 300 blogs daily is paying off.

I hope I could find more time to update this blog more frequently and write for content. Sometimes I tend to write and just hit the publish button for the sake of writing just anything.

I plead guilty. I am not making excuses. But I think there is still room for improvement.

Go Green!

Green, yellow and red means so much for Kuerdas. Since the band’s genre is reggae, carrying the banners of those colors is something. Those who love reggae music can easily identify and track them down.

Each colors has its own meanings. When they wear green products in each performances, it means abundance for the rasta followers. Everyone may have their own interpretations for each color but it only signifies one thing- reggae is in and its colors are in!

PR 2 for Kuerdas?

I don’t think this blog deserves the Page Rank of 2. When the mighty Google had it’s update a couple of days ago, I wasn’t expecting this blog will be included in the list of blogs that’s going to be ranked. In all my blogs, I haven’t paid much attention to this particular blog.

When my friend Uncle Che confirmed that, indeed, this blog is PR 2, I have mixed emotions. I’m happy for this blessing and also because my other blog, Lainy’s Musings, haven’t been stripped off of its rank after taking some paid reviews. But all the same, I have been asking myself if this blog deserves to be ranked.

Nevertheless, a blessing is a blessing. I hope this blog can take hold of its page rank much longer as compared to my first blog, Our Journey to Forever, which. unfortunately, wasn’t able to hold off its PR 3.

Wall Plates

My youngest brother, who is also the Kuerdas Vocalist, is the one who keeps telling me it would be so lovely to have our own home theater. He was talking so many things that I am finding it so hard to catch up. One of the things he was mentioning to me was the HDMI wall plate. I barely have an idea what it was. He was telling me it has different angles with different colors as well.

When I tried to check what it was, some really looked very nice with cool decorative designs. I have learned it is also otherwise known as swithplates. There! That sounded familiar, hehe! And the most familiar name is outlet cover. Hmm, no wonder my brother keeps talking about it. He likes to do things around the house like our electricity wirings. Sometimes it would take great skills to understand these things and it’s just out of my niche 😉

What’s Rasta, Rastafari, Reggae?

My mother and I love to watch KUERDAS perform. It’s very interesting to note that so many people love to dance to the beat of reggae music. They are practically going wild, having fun, and parting- party!

That’s when I came to ask, where has reggae originated? My brother keeps including in his adlibs the words “Jah“, “Rasta” or “Rastafari” without understanding the deep meaning of the words.

Jimmy Cliff, UB40, Big Mountain, Bob Marley…. These names are BIG in the music industry. One thing they have in common is reggae music. The same is true with Peacepipes, Enchi, Budoy and The Junior Kilat Band, Tropical Depression, Brownman Revival, and here in the city, my brother’s band, KUERDAS.

Dreadlocks, ganja or marijuana, they said, is the look of a rasta. It’s no longer surprising to see musicians with that dreadlock look. This is “in” for reggae fanatics. In the past, the dreadlock look is famous with the blacks. Those people with dreads are known to be the so-called rastaman. For them, how they look is important for them to be “in” in the reggae scene.

Reggae is a kind of music that is upbeat and easy to dance to. It comes from the heart. Here in the city, wherever reggae is, the dreadlock people and the reggae fanatics are there. Everywhere Kuerdas play, people from the different parts of SOCSARGEN, are present. It’s like they are craving for it. They are also the avid Bob-Marley lovers.


It was in Jamaica where rasta was first heard of. Jamaica is a Third World country just like the Philippines. In the 1930’s, too many Jamaicans were hopeless because of poverty, especially in the squatter’s area called Trenchtown, the place where Bob Marley grew up. In this place he saw the problems of the society, in this place too, his words for music was born.

It was said that Rastafarian faith originated here in the name of Haile Sallaisse the First, or Ras Tafari in Jamaican language. He is the Emperor of Ethiopia in Africa. Rasta believes that Ras Tafari will unite all the black nation that will bring them to Ethiopia, The Land of Promise.

Rasta is faith and not just fad in Africa. It was written in their Bible to wear dreadlocks and never cut it. The color of Rasta on the other hand, is the color of Ethiopia, the Promised Land. Everyone thought that it’s the color that’s IN these days that’s why they want to wear it, too. It’s colors are RED, that stands for the blood of the heroes, GREEN for Jamaican land and YELLOW, for the blessings that awaits the Rastas.

Clean-living. That’s what Rasta believes in. They do not eat pork and some do not use salt. If pork is not allowed, the use of marijuana is not prohibited. It is their way of getting closer to God or Jah. In their Bible, it is written:

“The more I accept herb is the more I accept Rastafari. I mean it’s not something that harms, it’s not something that you crave but it’s like an essence”.

Bob Marley is the most famous Rasta in his time because of his music. He fought for peace through his songs. He used music as a tool for his clamor for change. He was also able to introduce to the world the Rastfarian faith.

According to Bob Marley:

The reggae music is a music created by Rasta people. And it carries earth force. People rhythm. Our people. It is a rhythm of people workin’, people movin’.

Aside from its upbeat and danceble melody, Bob Marley’s music is a big critic of the society and revolves around Rastarafian faith.

Undoubtedly, Bob Marley became the messenger of peace, love, unity and faith to God Almighty, all through his music. But sadly, Rastafarian is now a fashion. The people just go with what is IN and not what is really inside them- in their hearts and in their spirits.

There is nothing wrong with being a reggae fanatic as long as you know what lies behind its music.