Original Composition #1: EXCUSES

Excuses is our official entry as the lone nominee from General Santos City to the Mindanao Music Awards 2007 Best Ragga Category.



It was a day to remember
When you bumped into my life
It never came into my mind
That there will be you and me.

We started as friends
I just wondered why, why???

I make excuses just to see you
Excuses I never knew
Make excuses just to see you
I never knew
You feel the same way, too.


I never imagined what love is
How it started and when it came
A feeling so hard to explain
I never knew, you feel the same way too

We started as friends
I just wondered why, why???

(Repeat Chorus)

Now we’re together, hope we’ll stay forever
The night is fine, let’s drink a bottle of wine.

Dance to the moonlight, for us to reunite
Can’t you feel it baby? Hope you’re ready.

Feel the heat, its time to make you sweat
Hold me tight and let’s make love tonight.
(Repeat Chorus 2X)

SMB Street Party Zone

In view of the General Santos City’s celebration of its 10th Tuna Festival, San Miguel Beer Corporation shall sponsor the street party celebrations nightly to liven up and to keep the festive mood of the city’s constituents.

Kuerdas shall peform in the opening salvo and shall highlight the event during the Festival’s culmination on September 5. The event shall commence tonight at 9Pm at the Oval Plaza SMB Party Zone.

Be there, have fun and experience reggae party at its best!

2nd Muzika Del Sur Mindanao Music Awards Winners

My sincerest apologies for this delayed update.

In the Best in Ragga category, Manong’s Island from Tagum City bagged the title as the Best Ragga Artist. Arangkagana was named People’s Choice Awardee for garnering more than a thousand text votes, Kuerdas came in second with more than 500 votes.

Kuerdas’ performance at Davao City signaled the start of the Awards Night. Various performers from all over Mindanao converged and displayed their own brand of music with their respective original music compositions, to boot.

To all the winners, Congratulations!

Kuerdas @ Davao’s Kadayawan Festival 2008

Tonight, August 24, 2008, will be the 2nd Muzika del Sur Mindanao Music Awards. Kuerdas will be performing in the Awards Night at Matina Town Square. There are six (6) reggae bands who are actually vying for the title Best in Ragga Artist.

These are as follows:

  1. Skankers and the Rolling Monggos
  2. Niko
  3. Arangkagana
  4. Ragged
  5. Manong’s Island
  6. Kuerdas
After the Awards Night, win or lose, the band will proceed to perform at the Ska & Reggae Night, set at Everybody’s Haven Bar, 7pm besides Torch & Trefoil Studio, Jacinto Extension, Davao City.
These activities are in line with Davao’s celebration of Kadayawan Festival.
See you all there!



KUERDAS, a group of musicians based in General Santos City, started out as one big barkada composed of musically inclined members. The group shared the same passion and shared the same dream- that one day they could make it big in the music scene. KUERDAS have learned to hone their crafts by joining school ensembles. Some of the members were exposed to reggae music during the Millennium & Tambolan Festivals in Boracay respectively. It was during this time that the band was influenced by reggae music. Bob Marley, Big Mountain, UB 40 & other reggae artists greatly motivated them to put up a reggae band.

Originally, the group was made up of the Ugbaniel brothers, their cousin & some family friends. In Kalilangan Festival 2003, a song writing competition dubbed as Kadsangal was launched. All artists with original compositions were invited to join the contest in which PEACE was the theme. At this point, the group decided to name themselves KUERDAS (a Spanish term for guitar string).The guitar has 6 strings so they deemed it best to consider themselves one of those strings, that it wouldn’t be possible for them to play if one of the members is missing. Hence, the name Kuerdas.

During the time when acoustic invaded the music industry, Kuerdas was known to have played acoustic-reggae. They joined acoustic competitions which required original compositions as official entries. Fortunately, KUERDAS was declared Champion. The band had also joined Battle of the Band competitions and won several titles.

Now, the group is composed of 10 members namely:

JAY SON UGBANIEL- vocals/ rhythm (Band Major)
ROLAND ESLIT- percussions
AGUSTIN YU- Lead Guitar
RUEL CADIZ- Saxophone

The band was able to share its talents and was able to introduce reggae music not only in SOCSARGEN area (South Cotabato, Sarangani Province, General Santos City) but to its neighboring cities and municipalities in Mindanao as well. Kuerdas never runs out of gigs and invitational shows because big companies like San Miguel Beer, Coca-Cola and Asia Brewery are banking on the group’s capabilities.

As part of the band’s achievements where love for its craft clearly manifested, Kuerdas was contracted to accompany a musical theatrical presentation entitled: Silangan ng Hangin, Kanluran ng Buwan. This is a joint undertaking of the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Kuerdas members were also invited to take part in the musical presentation held at Iloilo City together with the performing artists of Koronadal City, the Kahayag Group. To be able to front act for artists like BAMBOO and MYMP is also one of the band’s major achievements.

Kuerdas was surprised that their love for music were recognized by Expat Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, an international magazine wherein the group was featured as one of the bands who livens up the night life and making it possible for the party scenes pulsating with vibes in General Santos City.

Kuerdas is pushing other musicians in the city to organize a musician’s organization to foster strong bonds and camaraderie between and among themselves and most especially to promote musician’s welfare so as to avoid talent exploitation. If realized, all musicians in the city will benefit from this endeavor.

Voting Updates

Here’s the poll results for the 2008 Mindanao Music Awards as of August 21, 08, 7:23 PM.


B.) NICO= 1


D.) RUGGED= 129

E.) MANONG’S I= 88

F.) KUERDAS= 410


TOTAL: 902

To vote, type : MIX MDSRagga F. SEND TO 2299.

Thanks to all who casted their votes. Please keep those votes coming until 12 midnight of August 23, 2008.

Kuerdas Lead Vocals: Up Close & Personal

I have already introduced Mark in my previous post. He is no less than the charm of the band. He wasn’t born a singer. In fact, we haven’t imagined in my family that he could have that talent in singing one day. He is the youngest of three siblings. I saw him grow up and even sang him to sleep when he was 2 years old and I was 6. I’m no good at baby-sitting chores but I was left with no choice because I am the eldest.

Mark, Yayan, Utog are one and the same person. His friends love to give him different names. This brother of mine can be well awarded for being the most accommodating person in the world. Even if he haven’t got enough sleep because of successive shows, this wouldn’t come as a barrier for him not to entertain his friends. I think he got this trait from my father.

Oh speaking of my late father, when Mark was born, he looked a little different. His skin color is different from the 3 of us especially his nose. He got a fine nose (unlike ours, haha) and very nice color. He would even always tease me that my face is just the color of his bum, hahaha! Forgive my father but he doubted his fatherhood with Mark. He wanted to be sure. Off they went to the nearest hospital and took lab test to know if they had the same or different blood types. And guess what they’ve found out? They both got the same type of blood!

While Mark was growing up, my family haven’t had any inkling at all that he would take center stage one day. He used to be his big brother’s back up, just bringing the musical intruments for him because he was never part of any musical group unlike his Kuya. But one day, his Kuya was able to see his potential and encouraged him to practice and he was given a big responsiblity when Kuya decided to put up a separate band together with our cousin Allena as the female lead singer. That’s when we’ve discovered he has some talents hidden within him. It’s no joke having to perform along side with premier bands here in the city more so to front act for big artists like Bamboo and MYMP.

Aside from singing, he is a computer “something” graduate, haha but haven’t put to good use because his attention was diverted to singing and some other things. He loves to “butingting” gadgets with the intention of fixing them but damage them in the process, haha! And he’s one very naughty lad. While I was waiting for my team to play in Game 1 of the Championships, he announced to everyone that maybe there was a storm in Manila because “NO signal” was indicated in the TV channel. I was so disappointed until I’ve discovered that he detached the TV antenna so I couldn’t watch my favorite team playing in the Finals. Really naughty, huh! There’s more tell-tales about him but I will be doing more of them as I try to regularly update this blog (my fingers crossed, hehe).

New Domain for Kuerdas

Since I took over as the new administrator of this blog a few weeks ago, I am still a little apprehensive as to how frequent I could get to update this site. It surpised me that I was able to post 3 entries in a span of one week (hehe!) while all at the same time regularly updating my two other blogs. My brothers have given me a few ideas on what entries they would like to post here. I have them all jotted down. The problem is the lack of time to write them.

The other night. while I was monitoring the daily visits of this blog, I got surprised it has more than 200 visits daily! And to my sheer excitement, it has even surpassed the number of visits my other blog got. The traffic boost was very inspiring. That’s the time I’ve decided to purchase a domain for this site. I didn’t think twice. Now, there is really a need for me to update regularly. As much as I want to post an entry everyday, I am telling you now it wouldn’t be possible. Maybe twice a week will do.

I am requesting my friends who linked up this site in their blogroll to kindly update the URL to www.kuerdas.com.

Thank you so much and may we all have a fabulous weekend ahead!

KUERDAS: Nominated Again for the Second Mindanao Music Awards

For the second time, Kuerdas is again nominated for the Ragga Category of this year’s Muzika del Sur Mindanao Music Awards. Muzika del Sur is a TV music magazine show that is being aired over different cities in Mindanao. It features the kind of music down south, depicting its lifestyle, events. interviews with celebrities, and music videos by local artists and musicians. The Mindanao Music Awards is a breakthrough in the music scene for the Mindanaoans.

On it’s pilot season last year, Kuerdas was the lone nominee from General Santos City in two categories: Best Ragga Artist (Excuses as official entry- just click the link to see the video) and Best Mindanaoan artist (Jambolero as official entry).

On August 24, another groundbreaking event shall take place at Matina Town Square, Davao City for this year’s 2nd Mindanao Music Awards. Original song compositions shall take center stage on various categories: Best Music Video, People’s Choice Award, Mindanao Pride, Best Mindanao Song, Best Rock, Best Hip-Hop, Best Ragga, Best Pop and Best Metal. The Awards night will again pave the way to discovering Minadanaoan talents. Through this event, great Mindanaoan talents shall be recognized by Mindanaoans themselves.

Do support Kuerdas by voting through SMS/Text. Below is the Text Voting Mechanics:

Type: MIX MDSRagga F. SEND TO 2299.

Thank you for your support!